ATAGO定期技术培训会 10月 (2014.10.16)


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ATAGO定期技术培训会 9月 (2014.9.9)


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Ebola disease (2014. 8.28)

In response to the outbreak of Ebola disease, ATAGO has made a donation to the Japanese Red Cross to support their efforts to curb further spread of this devastating virus.

ATAGO定期技术培训会 8月 (2014.8. 25)


  • ATAGO定期技术培训会
  • ATAGO定期技术培训会
  • ATAGO定期技术培训会

暑假通知 (2014. 8. 4)

ATAGO公司將于2014年8月11日(星期一)至15日(星期五)其間休假。將于2014年8月18日(星期一)開始正常工作。 休假期間若給您工作帶來不便, 請見諒。在放假期間, 我們的電子郵件服務器將始終開啟, 隨時接受用戶的查詢和信息. 等我們8月18日(星期一)上班會給你們回複.謝謝您的配合!

ATAGO定期技术培训会 7月 (2014.7. 17)


ATAGO定期技术培训会 5月 (2014.5. 23)


PAL-COFFEE sweepstakes at the 2014 Japanese Aeropress Championship (2014.5.20)

ATAGO donated 3 units of the PAL-COFFEE as prizes to the 2014 Japanese Aeropress Championship which took place at the Café Vivement Dimanche in the city of Kamakura on April 23rd, 2014.
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我们获得了世界著名的标准普尔公司的最佳评级aaa! (2014. 3.28)


ATAGO was selected as one of the 100 "Global Niche Top Companies". (2014. 3. 19)

ATAGO was selected as one of the 100 "Global Niche Top Companies" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has, for the first time, selected these 100 small and mid-sized Japanese companies that have proven successful globally, especially in niche industries. ATAGO's high market share worldwide and creativity in the refractometer industry was recognized.
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SYRIA CRISIS (2014. 3.11)

ATAGO has made a donation to the SYRIA CRISIS to support their efforts as they address the urgent needs of the affected population.

ATAGO 成立俄国分公司 (2014. 2.7)


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电话/传真 : +7(812)777-96-96
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ATAGO定期技术培训会 1月 (2014.1. 29)