Invention of scientific instruments

Depuis sa création en 1940, ATAGO a continuellement ce uvré pour la recherche et le développement d'une grande variété de produits optoélectroniques, en particulier les réfractomètres.
ATAGO has established our reputation as a trusted brand and enjoys the fullest confidence of end-users not only in Japan but also in 154 countries worldwide. As new regulations and requirements are imposed in the marketplace, our competition with other companies is expected to become more fierce. Being true to our mission statement : "Create and Advance in Consonance," ATAGO is devoted to making strides in the research and development of scientific instruments to meet the ever-changing demands of our clientele. We are utilizing generations of cumulative experience and technical abilities, based on the original studies of "Dr. Abbe," the father of all refractometers, to develop new innovations and advancements that continually redefine the forefront of refractometer technology.


"En juillet 2002, ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. a ouvert ses portes à Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A. en tant que notre filiale nord-américaine. Le fait de poursuivre nos efforts pour la globalisation, le maintien et la prestation de services clients de haute qualité pour nos distributeurs et nos consommateurs finaux dans le monde entier fait partie intégrante de la philosophie de notre entreprise."

Societal Contributions

ATAGO are fully aware of our corporate responsibility as a member of the global society and seek to make a positive impact locally as well as internationally.

Welfare activities  

• ATAGO makes annual donations to the Red Feather Community Chest annually.

• ATAGO hosts a blood drive every year.

Disaster relief efforts  

• ATAGO donates relief funds in case of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Educational support  

• ATAGO provides instruments and delegated instructors for academic institutions.

Environmental responsibility  

• ATAGO reduces the use of air conditioners in our office.

Community outreach programs Agrandir

• ATAGO contributes to local festivals.

• ATAGO donates filing racks and 1-year subscription to the Asahi Newspapers for Grade School Children to local elementary schools.

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Our provisions for employee well-being, such as the day-care center, company trips, various group activities, sporting events, and social insurance, are designed to promote relaxation and productivity in their lives.

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• Voyages d'entreprise : Hong Kong, Hawaii, Seoul, Australia
• Structures / Maison de repos de Ishiuchi Maruyama / Maison de repos de Karuizawa
• Activités de clubs : Baseball, Golf, Fishing, Futsal
• Recreational activities (Communication Days - an opportunity for employees from both the corporate office and the factory to get to know each other, bowling competitions, etc.)
• Cadeau de printemps (Chaque année en avril, à l'ensemble des employés)
• Fleurs en cadeau d'anniversaire de mariage

ATAGO CO.,LTD Communication Day 2010.6.5




« Filiale en Inde (Bureau de vente) »

Alibaug, Maharashtra (2011)



Recognition by Minato-ku: "Businesses Promoting Better Work-life Balance"

ATAGO was recognized for initiatives to create a supportive workplace for employees including working parents. We will continue to promote a positive working environment that maximizes the potential of each employee while growing the business as a whole.

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Aide charitable

ATAGO sends relief to victims of disasters.

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• Nepal Earthquake 2015 avril
• SYRIA CRISIS 2014 Mars
• Philippines typhon 2013 Novembre
• Nouvelle-Zélande Earthquake 2011 février
• Pakistan Flood 2010 Août
• Italian Abruzzo local Earthquake 2009 avril
• The Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake 2008 juin
• The Sichuan Earthquake 2008 mai
• Myanmar Cyclone 2008 mai
• The Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake 2007 juillet
• Noto peninsula Earthquake 2007 avril
• Java Earthquake 2006 juin
• Pakistan Earthquake 2005 octobre
• Niigata Earthquake 2004 novembre

[ Filiale aux États-Unis ]

• Ouragan Sandy 2012 Novembre
• Chili Earthquake 2010 février
• Haiti Earthquake 2010 janvier
• Peru Earthquake 2007 décembre
• Hurricane Katrina 2005 septembre

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Fukuoka Atago Jinja

Located on the top of Mt. Atago in Nishi, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Atago Shrine Fukuoka was built in 1972 (during the 12th emperor of Japan, Emperor Keiko). It is a shrine with the oldest history and it is popular as one of the Big Three with the head shrine in Kyoto as well as one in Tokyo.

[ Fukuoka Atago Jinja Address ] 2-7-1 Nishiku Atago Fukuokashi Fukuoka Japan

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Grand Head Shrine of Atago Shrine Kyoto

ATAGO donated (two) hanging lanterns to grand head shrine of Atago Shrine Kyoto. The lighting around the main shrine building was dim on cloudy and rainy days but now it is more gorgeous and brighter making the visitors happier.

[ Kyoto Atago Jinja Address ] 1 Sagaatagocho Ukyouku Kyotoshi Kyoto Japan

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Atago Jinja

ATAGO dedicated an offertory chest to the Atago Jinja in Minato-ku, Tokyo, at its annual festival on September 24, 2013 in appreciation of the shrine and the mountain, which are the etymology of the company name, as well as in commemoration of the new office space.

[ Atago Jinja Address ] 1-5-3 Atago Minatoku Tokyo Japan

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