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For information on features, specifications and common applications of ATAGO instruments, select the model below and click. All files are in Adobe Acrobat format.
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Digital Hand-Held "Pocket" Refractometers PAL

PDF "Pocket" Refractometer PAL
( 2.15MB )
PDF "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-α
( 145KB )
PDF "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-maple
( 147KB )
PDF "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-RI
( 142KB )

Hand-Held Refractometers

PDF "PEN" Refractometer PEN-PRO ( 451KB )

Hand-Held Refractometers

PDF Hand-Held Refractometer
MASTER-Series ( 1.90MB )
PDF Hand-Held Refractometer
N-8α (alpha) ( 116KB )
PDF Salinity and Coolant Refractometer
( 357KB )

Digital pH Meter and EC Meter

PDF Digital pH Meter DPH-2 ( 122KB ) PDF Digital EC Meter DEC-2 ( 147KB )

Abbe Refractometers / Multi-wavelength Abbe Refractometers

PDF Abbe Refractometers ( 1.07MB ) PDF Abbe Refractometers DR-A1-Plus
( 317KB )

Digital Refractometers

PDF Automatic Refractometer
SMART-1 (719KB)
PDF Digital Refractometers
RX series (5.87MB)

Polarimeters Saccharimeters

PDF Automatic Polarimeter AP-300
( 689KB )
PDF Polarimeter Polax-2L ( 589KB )
PDF Sac-i589/882
( 1.69MB )

In-Line Brix-Monitor

PDF In-Line Brix-Monitor CM-800α series ( 526KB )


PDF Pocket Salt Meter PAL-SALT

Wine Refractometers

PDF Digital Wine Refractometer ( 1.25MB )

Clinical Refractometers

PDF Clinical Refractometers ( 345KB ) PDF Specific Gravity "Pen" Refractometer
PEN-Wrestling ( 158KB )
PDF "Pocket" URINE S. G. Refractometer
PAL-10S ( 151KB )
PDF Specific Gravity "Pen" Refractometer
PDF Desktop Refractometer T3-NE
( 333KB )