ATAGO Earns 7th Consecutive "aaa" Rating from Standard & Poor's (2018.04.02)

ATAGO received the highest ranking "aaa" (Triple A) from Japan SMEs (SMEs = Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) presented by Standard & Poor's (S & P) on December 31, 2017 fiscal. Following the "aaa" rating in 2016, this will be the seventh "aaa" acquisition. Japan SME rating "aaa" is defined by Standard & Poor's as "a company with extremely high ability to fulfill its obligation amongst Japan's medium- and small-sized companies. At the end of last year, the production scale of the factory has increased, and new products are being released throughout this year. All of us at ATAGO will continue to strive to provide products and service that will satisfy our customers.

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ATAGO receives "Eiichi Shibusawa Business Award Encouragement Prize" in the Technology Category (2018.02.09)

PAL-HIARi IR Brix Meter was awarded for Eiichi Shibusawa Business Award Technology Category, encouragement prize. Eiichi Shibusawa Business Award is a very honorable award given to companies for its creativity and originality that inherits the spirit of Shibusawa Eiichi who built the foundation of modern Japanese economy.