Calibration Certificates Available!

To meet ISO requirements worldwide, many companies now require their testing equipment to come with Traceability certificates.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, ATAGO understands the importance of having equipment meet ISO standards. For this reason, ATAGO offers Calibration Certificates for all our instruments upon request.

New products can be issued with Calibration Certificates, and previously owned instruments can be sent to our factory or authorized service center for certification.

Please email or call toll free
1-800-ATAGO-USA for more details on certification.

Demonstration Units Available!

Are you interested in ATAGO products, but are not sure whether the instruments will fit your needs? ATAGO has Demonstration units available (certain models) for two week trial periods.

To ensure ATAGO Refractometers will be able to measure your samples to the accuracy specifications you require, or to compare ATAGO products with another manufacturer, please contact us for details to arrange for a Demonstration unit to be sent to your facility. (ATAGO also offers free sample testing - ask for details.)

Please email or call toll free 1-800-ATAGO-USA for more information and details on Demonstration Units. Please note that we cannot allow certain samples to be tested.

Our waiting list for Demonstration units is growing, so please contact us early to ensure availability and quick service!

Free Sample Testing Service!

ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. has started a new Sample Testing Service. We are happy to offer this service to customers located anywhere in North or Central America.

Do you have a liquid or solid sample that you would like to measure, but are not sure what product would be best or what the sample should read? maybe you want to know which instrument will provide you with the most accurate results for your application. If so, there is no need to worry any longer!

Send your sample to ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. and we will check your sample to recommend the best instrument for your application. Please contact us to make arrangements to send your sample for testing free of charge*.

We will perform tests on the sample and send you the results. We will also let you know which instrument(s) were used for testing so that you can duplicate the results in your own facility. For more information, please contact us for details at
(Measurement of some samples may be restricted, toxic and hazardous samples will be subject to approval). Turn around time on testing results may vary.

*shipping charges not included