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RedRing Wanton Mee

We interviewed Mr Roy Chan, who runs a noodle shop in Singapore.

How user-friendly is Digital Hand-held "Pocket" salt-meter?

We have been using the Atago saltmeter and refractometer for the past 5 months and are
very satisfied with their performance.

We have been using the saltmeter to assess the saltiness of both our soups and noodle sauces during recipe development and also for daily consistency checks.
Our business currently produces 200kg of noodle sauces per week and these Atago meters are indispensable in helping us to ensure the consistency of our sauces.

Additionally, Atago's refractometer comes in handy in making sure that our soup is boiled to the right concentration. By assessing the refractometer readings, we can take corrective measures of either boiling down or diluting with water in order to achieve our desired consistency.

We strongly recommend the use of Atago's meters for restaurant owners and sauce makers as a means of ensuring consistency in their sauce and soup products.

RedRing Wanton Mee

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