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Taiyo Corporation

Since their establishment in 1947, Taiyo Corporation has provided flavorings, fragrances and fermented ingredients to a wide variety of industries, such as perfume and cosmetics and food products. In addition to manufacturing flavorings and fragrances used in cosmetics, toiletries, bath products and air fresheners/deodorants, the Taiyo Corporation also manufactures flavorings, fragrances and fermented ingredients, as well as processed fruit juice, fruit (pulp), stabilizers, and other processed foods.

The Taiyo Corporation continues to provide rich flavorings and fragrances to customers worldwide, through their motto of "Safe, Reliable and High-Quality."

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

What kind of samples are you measuring?

There are cases where the specific rotation of a fragrance or flavoring must be determined as specifications of its physical properties.

We have used ATAGO's "POLAX-2L" for many years to measure specific rotation.

※Used as a standard for measuring and comparing the specific rotation and optical activity of a substance.

What led you to implementing the RePo-1 as part of your procedures?

The "RePo-1" does not require an observation tube--measurement results can be displayed simply by applying some sample (fragrance or flavoring). It is also compact and easy to carry.
These were appealing qualities which led us to implement the RePo-1 as part of our procedures.


Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

What do you think about the RePo-1's usability?

It is easy to take measurements; you can switch from Brix scale to Angle of Rotation by simply pushing a single button.
Also, only a small amount of sample is required and above all, cleaning and washing the unit after taking measurements is easy.

2 units were purchased: 1 unit is used in their Flavorings/Fragrances Department to measure optical rotation, and the other unit is used in their Food Products Department to measure Brix.

Currently, the units are only being used at their Okayama factory, but there are plans to implement the units at their other facilities in the future.

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