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Sumifru Corporation

Sumifru Corporation is a company which imports and sells fresh fruits and vegetables; primarily bananas, but also including pineapples, melons, avocados, papayas, and citrus. Sumifru provides high-quality fruits and vegetables. Sumifru manages every stage of their process, beginning from the orchard to the harvesting, processing, distributing and selling of their produce, to ensure a consistent quality in all their fruits and vegetables.

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

Super Sweet Pineapples with High Sugar Levels

Sumifru cultivates their pineapples in an orchard on Mindanao Island in the Philippines—an ideal spot for pineapples.

This particular pineapple orchard was selected to try out our product.Using their own unique standards for harvesting pineapples, they are able to provide super sweet pineapples with high sugar levels.

Sumifru used our PAL-BX/ACID9 (Pineapple) for measuring their "Kanjyuku Ou" pineapples (pineapples that are noted for their intense sweetness and high sugar levels). We asked Sumifru for their impression of the PAL-BX/ACID9 (pineapple).

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

What did you think of our Sugar & Acidity Meter (PAL-BX/ACID)'s features and usability?

Highly accurate
Only a small amount of sample is needed for measurements
Short measurement time
Transportable & easy to carry—do not have to designate one specific location for measuring
For measuring acid level, the only necessary material to prepare is distilled water. We think this makes the product tremendously convenient and easy to use.

Picture is of the PAL-BX/ACID1.