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Kushiro Pharmacy Inc

Kushiro Pharmacy Inc. offers a wide variety of products; from supplements to castor oil, olive oil and peanut oil. Kushiro Pharmacy Inc. supports and promotes naturopathy (naturopathic medicine), such as the "Edgar Cayce Therapeutic Regimens." Additionally, Kushiro Pharmacy Inc. manufactures cosmetics, and also provides American herbs, supplements, and other products used in special therapeutic treatments, such as salt and Epsom salt.

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

Honey Manufacturing

Kushiro Pharmacy Inc. also manufactures and sells honey. They have an extensive line-up of different types of honey: white clover, cinnamon, honey with pomegranate extract, sacred fig, buckwheat, lotus, and honey containing royal jelly and propolis (aka bee glue--a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources).

What led you to selecting the RePo-1?

Our business partner (a fragrance and flavoring manufacturer) requested that we measure angle of rotation. We searched on the Internet and came across ATAGO’s RePo-1.  We selected the RePo-1 based on its affordable price and its ability to measure both Brix and angle of rotation.


Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

How are you using the RePo-1?

In addition to measuring the angle of rotation of fragrances and flavorings, as previously mentioned, we also use the RePo-1 for examining the honey in the manufacturing process. If honey contains too much glucose, it may solidify. If honey contains too much sucrose, it may be thin and watery. For this reason, we examine the ratio of glucose and sucrose contained in honey.

What do you think about the RePo-1's usability?

It is lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it tremendously convenient. Also, it is possible to get both the angle of rotation and Brix by switching scales with the press of a single button, which allows for efficient measuring. Ultimately, we conduct sensory evaluations* based on the measurement values obtained with the RePo-1 in order to ensure we continue to provide our customers with universally safe and reliable products.

*sensory evaluation: an inspection method based on the senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) used for judging the quality of a product.


Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

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