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The Brazilian Federal Highway Police
IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment)

In an effort to reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, the Brazilian Federal Highway Police and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment) have joined forces and are investigating whether truckers are falsifying claims of using Arla additive 32 (AdBlueŽ).※

※Arla 32 (AdBlue) is a reagent used in diesel engines to break-down nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and water, thereby mitigating the pollution that is released by the exhaust of the trucks. It is a highly concentrated, aqueous urea solution made by dissolving urea in water that is free of impurities (deionized water).

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

Recently, throughout the nation, Brazil has begun cracking down on the enforcement of environmental pollutant measures. Businesses and individual truck drivers are urged to use Arla 32 (AdBlue®).

The Brazilian Federal Highway Police and IBAMA have already discovered 30 trucks that were falsifying claims of using Arla 32 (AdBlue®). The truck drivers were charged hefty fines.

The Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-Urea is used to manage and check the concentration of the urea solution (AdBlue®).

The PAL-Urea is being used to take measurements in the investigation.
(The amount [concentration] of urea that should be in Arla 32 is 32.5%.)

The PAL-UREA’s compact, easy to carry size makes it immensely convenient, and it is being heavily utilized in investigation procedures

Mr.Armah with ATAGO refractometer

The PAL-UREA may be a useful tool in helping to preserve the environment.