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ASTEKA is a consulting company for supporting technical assistance in the
quality control field.
They serve an analysis for the Perfumes and the Essential oils.


Measuring a Perfume and an Essential oils at laboratory

果汁や果肉を加工して出荷Normally, Essential oils are measured for obtaining a Specific optical
rotation and Refractive Index in order to distinguish its characteristic.

They have decided to use RePo-5 to measure Refractive Index and Angle of
Rotation of the Perfumes and the Essential oils because of its easy and
quick operation.

What did you think of our RePo-5 's features and usability?

We are very satisfied with RePo-5. Its quick measurement at only 12 seconds
contributed a time-saving against our analysis.
Also, we like its easy operation. We can obtain the measurement result by
just dropping the sample and entering simply.


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