ATAGO Craftsmanship『IMPACTs』

[ATAGO's Superior Craftmanship×Ideas]
Metal Goods from Refractometer Manufacturer ATAGO
『IMPACTs』Series New Release!

Well-known for refractometers and concentration meters,
ATAGO has released a new line featuring original metal goods.

"IMPACTs" is released as a new line of "shapes" incorporating the combination of technologies cultivated by ATAGO's long history and the immense thought put into the manufacturing process.

Leaping into the world of manufacturing refractometers, ATAGO was established in 1940.

ATAGO manufactures products at its own factories in Japan in order to deliver reliable products to our customers.

The factory has various equipment for board mounting, machine cutting, and machine molding, with most of the manufacturing process done in-house.

NEWPORT 20(Coaster)

-Solid Thickness With Shining Luxury-
A luxury aluminium coaster. With a solid thickness, use not only as a coaster for glasses, but also as a tray.
As the sides are made of Nume Leather, the more it is used, the more the change in glossiness and aging can be enjoyed.

193(Chopsticks Rest)

-Upscale MASTER Design Chopstick Rest-
A chic set of 2 stainless steel MASTER chopstick rests. Achieves cut surface phase and diagonal cut by simultaneous processing!
It is beautiful from any angle. Be individualistic by placing this unique chopstick rest on your table!

THE006(Sucrose Solution Stand / Paper Weight)

-Multi-Stand Made By ATAGO's Superior Craftsmanship-
Use in either the laboratory, research facility, or your home. THE006 changes the atmosphere in the room just by being placed in it.
Great as a gift and made of aluminium, it makes its presence known.


■ Company Profile

Company Name: ATAGO CO., LTD.
President: Hideyuki Amamiya
Address:The Front Tower Shiba Koen, 23rd Floor
2-6-3 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Date of Establishment: September, 1940
Business Informtion:Research & development, manufacturing, wholesale, and exporting of scientific instruments