Pocket Soy Milk Refractometer PAL-27S

It is extremely water resistant for easy clean up. Just run it under the faucet!

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Model PAL-27S Cat.No. 4427
Measurement Range Soy milk : 0.0 to 20.0 %
Temperature 9.0 to 99.9°C
Resolution Soy milk : 0.1 %
Temperature 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy Soy milk : ±0.2 %
Temperature ±1°C
Power supply 2 × AAA Batteries
Measurement Temperature 10 to 100°C Ambient Temperature 10 to 40°C
Optional PAL-CASE : RE-39409
Dimensions & weight 55(W)×31(D)×109(H)mm, 100g (Main Unit only)
Patent for Invention Registration No. ZL200310103015.2 (China)
Patent for Design Registration No. ZL03303431.1 (China), 089244 (Taiwan)
Patent Granted in countries around the world.
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