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Automatic CO2 Brix Monitor

Digital Hand-Held
"Pocket" IR Brix Meter
ATAGO Viscometer

Pocket Brix-Acidity Meter
and Acidity Meter
Pocket Acidity Meter
Digital Salt-meter

In-line Refractometers

Frying Oil Monitor

In-line Brix-Monitor

Digital Hand-Held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL
"Pocket" Refractometer PAL Special Scale
Hand-Held Refractometers

Digital Immersion Type Refractometer
Digital Suction-Type
Digital Hand-held "PEN" Refractometer
Digital pH Meter and EC Meter

Digital Refractometer
RX-i series
Digital Refractometers
RX-α series
Digital Differential Refractometer

Automatic Refractometer

Abbe Refractometers

Multi-wavelength Abbe Refractometers
Digital Refractometer
Clinical Refractometers

Wine Refractometers