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Отзывы Покупателей [ Сельское хозяйство : Список ]

Отзывы Покупателей [ Сельское хозяйство : Список ]

Сельское хозяйствоAlphar Co., Ltd.Alphar Co., Ltd.

  • Alphar Co., Ltd.

Alphar Co., Ltd. is a trading company that buys and sells fruits, vegetables, and meat. In addition, the company is a working farm that sells their produce directly to customers. Alphar currently works with 200 suppliers and 500 contract farmers.

Alphar is especially fond of ATAGO’s Brix meter, PAL-J and MASTER series to take Brix measurements of their fruits and vegetables. Alphar praises PAL-J as a digital Brix meter that allows anyone to take measurements objectively.

The First Brix Meter

Alphar and ATAGO products go back a long way more than 25 years. They first used a Brix meter out of curiosity to measure “sweetness” of tomatoes. This fostered a desire to back up the arbitral unit of sweetness with a numerical value. What originally started as taking the Brix measurement of tomatoes has now expanded to all various fruits and vegetables.All of the measurement results are posted on their website where Alphar’s inquiring mind, commitment to taste and “let’s measure all” approach can be witnessed.

According to Alphar, using a Brix meter can plenish numerical values to diverse tastes experience of different people and it can also aide in training and enhancing one’s taste experience.

Reasons for choosing ATAGO products

Lastly, we asked why chose ATAGO products? “First and foremost, it was the way the instrument fit and felt in my hand. Learning that PAL was constructed with human agronomics in mind, it made sense.ATAGO’s attitude to pursue product design which may at a first glance appear irrelevant to taking measurements made a favorable impression on us.”

We support Alphar’s commitment to taste and insatiable desire to purse the best. We wish Alphar many more successful years to come. Thank you for you patronage.

Alphar Co., Ltd.'s website

Сельское хозяйствоMiyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Tropical Dome

  • Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Tropical Dome

All of the employees at Miyazaki Prefecture continue research to further advance the prefecture’s specialty products with work ability and profitability improvement for their farmers in mind.

The growth of the plant and leaves and condition of the flower and its fruit bearing rates, as well as its taste, are checked on a daily basis to promote Miyazaki specialty products. Additionally, if there is a request from a farmer, a staff will go out to the farm to teach and instruct farming and check their fruits.

The Balance Determinesthe Flavor of Fruits

The balance of sweetness and tartness is one of the factors that determine the taste of fruits. Depending on the soil properties, drainage, light exposure and how it is cultivated, a flavor balance may differ even among the same crops from the same field.
Taking into account that the taste test is reliant on one’s condition and individual differences, it is important to numerically check the Brix and acidity ratio frequently using a Pocket Refractometer PAL-BX|ACID1 (Citrus).

Pocket Refractometer PAL-BX|ACID1 (Citrus) is portable and allows one to easily measure Brix and acidity anytime, anywhere. Whether for a training purpose or for a new plant breeding research, agricultural producers can carry PAL-BX|ACID1 (Citrus) out to the field and measure on-site. To be able to show measurements in person is not only convenient and efficient but also promotes and facilitates understanding.

A Research Place but a Tourist Attraction

Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Station researches and develops new crop varieties, cultivation methods, publishes research articles, and conducts promotion for Miyazaki branded products, including Miyazaki’s ‘Kanjuku’(well ripened) Mango, ‘Hyuganatu’ (large citrus fruit), ‘Kanjuku’(well ripened) Kumquat, Jacaranda flowers, and so on. The facility is open to the public for free in addition to research associates, many visitors visit for sightseeing purposes.

The mountain where Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Station is both a place for field research and a tourist spot. There are hiking courses and scenic view spots where one can view the ocean and simply enjoy nature. There is also an observation deck, an open square surrounded by many green trees that were planted to study its adaptation to the subtropical environment.

Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Station will continue to work to promote the growth of the agricultural industry and cultivate the skills of farmers to further facilitate development of Miyazaki prefecture as a whole. From the end of May to mid-June, a festival is held to celebrate the tropical Jacaranda flower. At the facility, in the tropical dome area, tropical flowers and plants can be viewed all year around. Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop Station is located in close proximity to famous tourist sites such as Udo Shrine and Toi Cape and so on. One can also view the mackerel and tuna being brought into the nearby harbor for sale.
Why not visit Miyazaki Prefecture and enjoy the tropical experience with your family and friends?

Thank for your continuing patronage. ATAGO wishes you the best.

Сельское хозяйствоSumifru Corporation

  • Sumifru Corporation

Sumifru Corporation is a company which imports and sells fresh fruits and vegetables; primarily bananas, but also including pineapples, melons, avocados, papayas, and citrus.
Sumifru provides high-quality fruits and vegetables. Sumifru manages every stage of their process, beginning from the orchard to the harvesting, processing, distributing and selling of their produce, to ensure a consistent quality in all their fruits and vegetables.

Super Sweet Pineapples with High Sugar Levels

Sumifru cultivates their pineapples in an orchard on Mindanao Island in the Philippines—an ideal spot for pineapples.
This particular pineapple orchard was selected to try out our product.Using their own unique standards for harvesting pineapples, they are able to provide super sweet pineapples with high sugar levels.

Sumifru used our PAL-BX|ACID9 (Pineapple) for measuring their "Kanjyuku Ou" pineapples (pineapples that are noted for their intense sweetness and high sugar levels). We asked Sumifru for their impression of the PAL-BX|ACID9 (pineapple).

What did you think of our Sugar & Acidity Meter (PAL-BX|ACID9)'s features and usability?

・Highly accurate
・Only a small amount of sample is needed for measurements
・Short measurement time
・Transportable & easy to carry — do not have to designate one specific location for measuring
・For measuring acid level, the only necessary material to prepare is distilled water. We think this makes the product tremendously convenient and easy to use.

We appreciate your continued support of ATAGO refractometers.

Сельское хозяйствоNESTER FRESH PAPAYA

  • Mr. Armah
  • Mr. Armah

Mr. Armah is PAPAYA farmer in Ghana. He is producing PAPAYA at his field where is about 41km from the capital city Accra. His PAPAYA is very famous among the consumer especially in Europe as its much Sweetness, which of BRIX % is 16.0%!!!

Interview with Mr. Armah

We interviewed Mr.Ernest Armah at FRESH PAPAYA, who uses our refractometers for quality control of his PAPAYA.

QWhat are you usages of the ATAGO's Pocket Digital Refractometer?

AWe are using ATAGO's Pocket Digital Refractometer for quality check of PAPAYA and we are challenging to produce excellent products continuously.

Mr.Arman always show BRIX% of PAPAYA to the customers at business meeting.