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Отзывы Покупателей [ Металлообработка : Список ]

Отзывы Покупателей [ Металлообработка : Список ]

МеталлообработкаFuso Machine & Mold MFG. Co. Ltd.

We spoke to the plant manager at Fuso Machine & Mold MFG. Co. Ltd. Mr. /Mrs. Furukawa.

How Bearings are Manufactured

Fuso Machine & Mold manufactures inner and outer rings of needle roller bearings. Machine bearing is an essential machine part that plays an important role in supporting the drive mechanism, reducing friction, and aiding smooth rotational movement of a machine. A needle roller bearing is a special type of roller bearing which uses needle like cylindrical rollers. Compared to ball bearings, needle bearings have a lower cross-sectional height and it can support greater load. Needle bearings are space savers that allows the overall size of the machines to be more compact. It is a machine element that is used in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, motorcycles, printing, industrial machine and construction machinery.

Indispensable Cutting Oil

ATAOGO’s PAL-101S is used to manage dilution concentration of cutting oil that is necessary for the bearing cutting process. On the production site, cutting oil is pumped out of an oil drum (200L) by applying 1kilo of water pressure before mixing it with some water. The concentration of cutting oil is adjusted to be about 1% by dilution factor of 100. There is a tendency for cutting oil to spoil especially during the summer. For this reason, the dilution concentration is adjusted to be about 1.2%.

Thorough Concentration Control

A strict concentration control is important for precision cutting process not only from a cost reduction perspective. When the water pressure is different, it can affect the concentration. To maintain concentration, factors such as water pressure differences caused by water conservation and daytime and nighttime differences will need to be considered.

There is no point in strictly enforcing concentration control if the concentration meter is not correctly calibrated.
Not only is ATAGO's concentration meter simple to use and easy to take measurements on site,but it stop of the line quality lets one to use it at ease without worrying about breaking.

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