Automatic Digital Refractometer    RX-5000i


12,500.00 USD

The most accurate refractometer in the world is now even more stylish, smart, and functional,featuring intuitive touch screen technology, the new RX-i series makes navigation and selection a breeze.The RX-5000i measures with the same accuracy level as the RX-5000α ±0.03% Brix and ±0.00004 nD.The RX-i series come with newly added functions, such as USB flash drive and self-diagnosis capability.This product comes standard with a two (2) year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the date of the original purchase. The warranty period can be extended to three (3) years if the product is registered with ATAGO.FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Software Included in Standard Delivery.

Product information

Model RX-5000i
Cat.No. 3276
Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.324200 to 1.580000
Brix : 0.00 to 100.00%
Resolution Refractive index (nD) : 0.000001
Brix : 0.01%
Temperature: 0.01°C
Accuracy Refractive index (nD) : ±0.000040
Brix : ±0.03%

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