The Food Sanitation Law was amended in June 2018, and from June 1, 2018, food factories and restaurants are required to manage hygiene in accordance with HACCP.
Atago is preparing products that support HACCP management for food business operators in preparation for the HACCP system in 2020.

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

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Example of where ATAGO products can help you

Once the hazards have been analyzed, management standards will be established. PH, water activity, salinity, sugar content, temperature, time, etc. are used as indicators to distinguish whether or not it is acceptable in controlling hazardous substances.

Let's set the standard with an appropriate index according to each process. Atago offers measuring instruments such as Brix meters, pH meters, salt meters, and viscometers. These can be used for hygiene management based on HACCP.