Organized Beauty

We are a measuring instrument manufacturer that supports quality control around the world.
The quality is a result that comes from the person
who makes something.
It is our belief that improving the comfort and quality
of the working environment leads to a higher quality product,
and ultimately to the sustainability
of the global environment.

Factory Operation =
Arrangement + Organized Beauty

Humans commit to memory each moment
they encountered something beautiful.
One thing everyone can agree on is that
"simple is beautiful."
Please feel free to take a look at the places we take pride in!

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Simplicity eliminates unnecessary things
and creates ultimate elegance + value.
However, this is difficult to achieve
because things like tools and work can be easily seen.
Instead of just hiding them, custom-made transparent
barriers were added to the side of the shelves,
so unless someone was already aware,
they wouldn't be able to easily see through them.
By daringly adopting the "show" method,
workers are encouraged to face, always be conscious of,
and be reminded of this "Organized Beauty",
so much so that it became an icon.
This icon helps create, maintain,
and improve Organized Beauty by one`s own will.