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Totenkaku Royal Chinese Restaurant

PAL for quick measurement

Ringer Hut Co., Ltd.

For objective numbers

Mrs. BERRY/Ms. Reiko Akasobe

PAL-Pâtissier for very convenient to visually show measurements

Jojoen Co., Ltd Food Factory

PAL-Pâtissier for pursuit
of the best flavor

Ginza Senbikiya Co., Ltd

PAL-1 for grasp of Brix changes

RedRing Wanton Mee

PAL for a means of ensuring consistency in their products

Le Cordon Bleu

Use in their lectures

Kannana Ramen Teraccho

Rice Moisture Checker G-50
MASTER-Ramen α

Mr.Bruno LE DERF

Measurement in a few second the Brix and the Baume degree

Patisserie Park

Hand-held refractometer for determination of sweetness and firmness


PEN-J for measurement of concentration of “dashi”