New Products

In-line Refractometer PRM-DX(2023.04.19)

The in-line refractometer PRM series, which has contributed to safety and security for over 30 years, has released the DX series, which has succeeded in reducing weight while maintaining the same performance!
Aiming for the ultimate in simplification by cutting off waste. The sophisticated and compact silver housing contributes to the SDGs by saving resources.

PAL-HIKARi (melon)(2023.04.07)

Melon scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

CM-BASEβ Renewal!(2023.04.07)

The design of the CM-BASEβ, which continuously measures the concentration by hooking it on an oil pan or pan, has been completely redesigned.Three types of pattern lengths can be selected, and offset and alarm functions are installed as new functions. Fully automated with ease.

PAL-BX|ACID(Passion fruit)(2023.03.06)

Due to high demand, we have released Pocket Brix-Acidity Meter for passion fruit.
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New Ramen Meister Set(2023.01.27)

"New Ramen Meister Set" is now available!! A useful salt meter and pH meter set has launched.

Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof Inline Concentration Monitor CM-ISα(2023.01.11)

2 new special scales are added to the explosion-proof model CM-ISα series.
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DOM-24 X3(2022.12.27)

"DOM-24 X3" is now available!

Coffee Meister Set(BX/TDS・pH)(2022.12.23)

Coffee Meister Set (BX/TDS/pH)"is now available!!
A useful set ofBX/TDS meter and pH meter has lauched.

PAL-Ramen Meister(2022.11.29)

10 years since its release! The latest version of "Ramen Meister Set" is now available!

PAL-BX|SALT Mohr+5(2022.11.08)

A new product has joined the PAL-BXlSALT hybrid meter for salt and sugar measurement which was released in 2021.


Calcium chloride monitor CM-800α-CaCl₂ is now available !
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POLAX Temp Controller(2022.05.08)

The Temperature Controller for POLAX-2L is now available!
A compact thermostat that fits in the palm of your hand! It attaches to the observation tube, making it very simple, space-saving, and user-friendly device.

PAL-MILK SG(2022.02.1)

PAL-MILK SG refractometer measuring in the specific gravity scale is now available!
According to the Ministerial Ordinance on Milk, specific gravity is compositional standard for the index of normal milk. This includes raw milk, cow`s milk, specialty milk, low-fat milk, as well as fat-free milk.
Hydrometers (specific gravity meters) are made of glass, which makes them easy to break and hard to clean. ATAGO`s digital meter for specific gravity can be used safely with no fear of breakage!

AP Temp Controlle(2022.01.18)

A new constant temperature controller has been released for AP-300 ! It is user-friendly and space-saving since it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for existing ATAGO polarimeter users who are looking to upgrade to temperature control without a water bath.


New CM-BASEα-MAX has been added to the CM-BASEα inline refractometer series! CM-BASEα-MAX has a measurement range of 0.0 to 93.0% Brix, and can measure at a higher accuracy of ± 0.2% Brix.

PAL-HIKARi (Blueberry)(2021.08.12)

By popular demand, the blueberry model is finally available from the PAL-HIKARi series! Blueberry scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

Foods Test Kit MJ (2021.07.21)

In response to growing awareness of health and food safety, a new easy-to-use kit has been released for both third party and in-house quality control!

SAC Temp Controller(2021.07.16)

A new constant temperature controller has been released for SAC-i ! It is user-friendly and space-saving since it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for existing ATAGO polarimeter users who are looking to upgrade to temperature control without a water bath.

Renewal! PAL-Fish Fillets(2021.07.08)

Dried fish Salt-meter PAL-FM1 has been renewed and released as a new version, PAL-Fish Fillets - ideal for measuring both dried fish and raw fillets!

PAL-Coral Reef Fish(2021.06.30)

Saltwater Hydrometer PAL-Coral Reef Fish is now available. With a titanium electrode, it is the only one like it in the world. It is designed to be used for a long time with minimal wear!

ATAGO Craftsmanship『IMPACTs』(2021.05.19)

『IMPACTs』is ATAGO`s new unique line embodying superior metal processing technology. They are original, everyday items designed by ATAGO for life enrichment.

■The press release:

Inline Concentration Meter CM-BASEα-Plus Design Renewal(2021.05.07)

During the world push for factory automation during coronavirus, we renewed our design to support high temperatures even at food manufacturing sites, stayed at a price range that is attainable for both small and medium sized food companies, while aiming to be an icon of quality control for manufacturing.

PAL-HIKARi (Kiwi)(2021.04.09)

Kiwi scale is newly added to thePAL-HIKARi series.

In-line Monitor CM-Base α for Chemical

Chemical model is now available in the CM-Base a series.

Potassium hydroxide Refractometer PAL-121S(2021.03.08)

Potassium hydroxide Refractometer PAL-121Ss now available in the PAL series.

PAL-HIKARi (Tomatoes)(2021.03.03)

Tomato scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.


This model is based on PAL-10S which is famous in the world sport games as a screening kit for doping test. PAL-ATHLETE is an ideal tool for conditioning such as dehydration.


A hybrid product of Brix meter and salt meter was launched.
This product is not only a hybrid of Brix and salt, but also an epoch-making product equipped with an algorithm that saves the trouble of dilution when measuring salt.

PAL-HIKARi (Asian pear)(2020.12.15)

A new function detecting water core has added to PAL-HIKARi 12.

Temp Controller for VISCO™・VISCO™ B(L)(2020.12.04)

The temperature control by the peltier device realized miniaturization, and the relief from the cumbersome work with the traditional water bath.

PAL-HIKARi (Persimmon)(2020.11.27)

Persimmon scaleis newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

In-line Brix Monitor CM-Base α(A+D)(2020.11.01)

New model CM-Base a (A+D) is newly added to the CM-Base a series.

PAL-HIKARi (Corn)(2020.10.01)

Corn scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.


Mango scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

PAL-HIKARi (Strawberry)(2020.05.01)

Strawberry scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series. We received many requests for this model. Extra effort was placed on making this launch come true. Use PAL-HIKARi (Strawberry)

Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof Inline Concentration Monitor CM-IS α(2020.05.01)

Based on the best-selling inline concentration monitor CM-800α, Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof model equipped with a double scale capability to measure in Brix or refractive index scale is available now.

New PAL-COVID-19 Sanitizer% Checker(2020.04.06)

In response to increasing inquires for ethyl alcohol concentration checker amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, ATAGO will launch a new product, PAL-COVID-19 Sanitizer % Checker on April 17, 2020. Contact us for more information.

PAL-HIKARi (Prune)(2019.11.26)

Introducing a new addition to PAL-HIKARi series for prunes. Measure Brix of tree-ripened prunes or maturity after harvest without destructing fruits.

PAL-BX|ACID16 (Cherry)(2019.11.26)

Cherry scale is added to the Brix and Acidity Meter that can measure Brix and acidity in one unit. A good Brix-acid ratio is known to be different for each cultivars. Measure Brix-acidity of cherries to maintain a strict quality management and for higher standards.

B-Type Digital Viscometer VISCO™ B (L)(2019.11.10)

A new B-type Viscometer , VISCO™ B (L) was launched. All measurement results can be transferred real-time to a personal computer with the use of MiniUSB. For production sites, a portable viscometer, VISCO™ is very convenient.

PAL-HIKARi Ripeness(2019.10.15)

PAL-HIKARi Ripeness measures and converts maturity of the fruits on a scale of 0-100% without destructing the fruits.
PAL-HIKARi Ripeness was collaboratively developed by National Agriculture and Food Research Organization and ATAGO.

VISCO Temp Controller(2019.08.20)

Introducing a lightweight and compact constant temperature device for a viscosity meter, VISCO that does not require water circulation! It is an epoch making product that can stop wasting time and labor from using a conventional circulating constant temperature bath.

Plum Tomato is Added to Pocket IR Brix Meter Series!(2019.08.20)

PAL-HIKARi 3 MIdi (cherry tomato) has been upgraded. In addition to cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes can also be measured. We hope to contribute to quality control for more customers.

Oil TESPER AOM-03 test paper for checking the oxidation of oils.(2018.11.15)

The acid value (AV) of cooking oils can easily be measured using a test paper. For those who would like to manage the AV digitally, rather than relying on visual color, ATAGO recommends the DOM-24 frying oil monitor.

CM-800α-NMP has been added to the CM series of concentration monitors.(2018.11.01)


Perfect for managing the concentration of NMP (N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone), which is used in the manufacturing process for lithium-ion batteries such as those used in electric vehicles.

PAL-BX|ACID became available for Mango!(2018.9.30)

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