New Products

PAL-HIKARi set for Orange(2024.05.22)

The PAL-HIKARi Orange now is now available with a useful set that includes a brix meter and a brix-acidity meter!
The IR Brix meter x Brix meter set makes it possible to customize the PAL-HIKARi to meet the customer specification.
The IR Brix meter x Brix Acidity meter set not only makes it possible to customize the PAL-HIKARi, but also measured the sugar-acid ratio which affects the flavor balance of Orange.

New DASHI Meister Set(2024.05.14)

A perfect set for Dashi which measures not only concentration and salt content, but also pH is now available!
The pH of water vary depending on the region and country.
Dashi which has a delicate flavor, water place a important role. The flavor differs depending on the water that is used and extracted.
This set contributes to making Dashi with its three measurement scales.

PAL-DASHI Meister(2024.05.14)

With one device, extraction level of soup stock can be measured!
The BX|SALT series which measures concentration and salt content, has now have a model specially for soup stock!
Depending on the environment and extraction level, the taste and quality of soup stock changes.
We contribute in managing and controlling the taste numerically to make sure the taste is always the same.

PAL-HIKARi Orange(2024.05.01)

The long-awaited PAL-HIKARi for orange is now available!
It is a hand-held size that can not be found in other brands and measures brix% without needing to cut and squeeze.
We offer a set with the mandarin too.

Bread Dough Meister Set(2024.04.26)

The key to flavor lies in managing salt% and managing pH value for texture of bread.
For baker, it assist in double-check of experience and intuition.
For managing chain store, it assists in achieving uniformity of the final product.

PAL-Bread Dough Meister(2024.04.26)

Instantly detects when you forget to add salt on site!
Introducing PAL-Dough Meister, which allows to easily measure the salt content of bread dough on-site!
With just one button, it prevents from human mixing error and forgetting to add ingredients.

In-line Brix-Salt Monitor CM-BX|SALTα(2024.04.15)

A hybrid salt meter and brix meter for inline has launched!
A hyrid refractometer and conductivity meter contributes to safety and security at production sites.

PAL-HIKARi set for Mandarine(2024.01.30)

PAL-HIKARi Mandarine with a destructive and hybrid brix/acidity meter is now available!
IR Brix Meter × Brix Meter make it possible to have your own customized PAL-HIKARi madarine.
IR Brix Meter × Brix Acidity Meter not only makes it possible to have your own customized PAL-HIKARi madarine, but can measure the sugar-acid ratio of the madarine you make too.

PAL-HIKARi Mandarin(2024.01.17)

Mandarine Orange is now available in the PAL-HIKARi series! Full inspection can be done without needing to cut and squeeze which leads to zero waste.