New Products

DOM-24 X3(2022.12.27)

"DOM-24 X3" is now available!

Coffee Meister Set(BX/TDS・pH)(2022.12.23)

Coffee Meister Set (BX/TDS/pH)"is now available!!
A useful set ofBX/TDS meter and pH meter has lauched.

PAL-Ramen Meister(2022.11.29)

10 years since its release! The latest version of "Ramen Meister Set" is now available!

PAL-BX|SALT Mohr+5(2022.11.08)

A new product has joined the PAL-BXlSALT hybrid meter for salt and sugar measurement which was released in 2021.


Calcium chloride monitor CM-800α-CaCl₂ is now available !
Click here.

POLAX Temp Controller(2022.05.08)

The Temperature Controller for POLAX-2L is now available!
A compact thermostat that fits in the palm of your hand! It attaches to the observation tube, making it very simple, space-saving, and user-friendly device.

PAL-MILK SG(2022.02.1)

PAL-MILK SG refractometer measuring in the specific gravity scale is now available!
According to the Ministerial Ordinance on Milk, specific gravity is compositional standard for the index of normal milk. This includes raw milk, cow`s milk, specialty milk, low-fat milk, as well as fat-free milk.
Hydrometers (specific gravity meters) are made of glass, which makes them easy to break and hard to clean. ATAGO`s digital meter for specific gravity can be used safely with no fear of breakage!

AP Temp Controlle(2022.01.18)

A new constant temperature controller has been released for AP-300 ! It is user-friendly and space-saving since it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for existing ATAGO polarimeter users who are looking to upgrade to temperature control without a water bath.