DOM-24 posted on INDIAN EXPRESS(2023.01.30)

The Food Safety and Health Authority of India uses DOM-24 to control deterioration of frying oil.

Notice of holidays(2022.12.13)

We are closing office from December 27th, 2022 to January 5th, 2023.
Your inquiry will be replied after our holidays.

Donation to Fukaya City corporate hometown tax(2022.11.29)

Won the Good Design Award!(2022.10.07)

Pursuing true SDGs Ultimate temperature controller.

Posted in TIME Asia(2022.09.29)

Released "ATAGO Fan Fun"(2022.06.29)

Brazil branch Analitica Latin America Exhibitor(2022.06.21)

Notice of holidays(2022.04.25)

We are closing office from April 29th, 2022 to May 8th, 2022.
Your inquiry will be replied after our holidays.

ATAGO was rated top grade 『aaa』(2022.04.06)

We have been rated top grade " aaa " on the Japan SME Rating presented by S&P for the 11 consecutive years.

14 new employees have joined the company(2022.04.01)

On April 1, 2022, 14 new employees joined the head office and factory.

Posted in Newsweek(2022.03.07)

Completion of fukaya fourth yard(2022.03)

The fukaya fourth yard was successfully completed.

Publishing of RX-5000i in a specialized Indian Coconut Oil Magazine(2022.02.22)

Digital refractometer RX-5000i was published in the Indian Coconut Journal as an essential instrument for the quality control of coconut oil.

Winter Angel Swan Arrives(2022.02.07)

A yearly tradition for Fukaya Factory, the winter swan has migrated in from Russia!

Notice of holidays(2021.12.02)

We are closing office from December 23th, 2021 to January 5th, 2022.
Your inquiry will be replied after our holidays.

ATAGO Webinar meetup! for November(2021.11.01)

ATAGO's November Webinar Schedule has been uploaded.


Won the Good Design Award for Organized Beauty!GOODDESIGN(2021.10.20)

Promotional Video for Coffee Baristas Released(2021.10.11)

Promotional Video for Dog&Cat Urine Specific Gravity Meter Released(2021.10.11)

Promotional Video for Metalworking Released(2021.10.08)

ATAGO Webinar meetup! for October(2021.10.01)

ATAGO's October Webinar Schedule has been uploaded.


ATA「GO」 ~ 52 Parts of the Karuta Journey ~(2021.09.10)

Factory Operation = Arrangement + Organized Beauty
Humans commit to memory each moment they encountered something beautiful.
One thing everyone can agree on is that "simple is beautiful."
Please feel free to take a look at the places we take pride in!
>>Click here for ATA「GO」


Donation of Titaniu Roof Tiles to Zojoji Temple(2021.08.12)

Successfully Organic Solvent-Free(2021.7.20)

ATAGO has been certified by the Kumagaya Labor Standards Inspection Office for partial exemption regarding organic regulations. ATAGO achieved a clean environment level that no longer needs special work environment measures or organic solvent health tests across the entire factory.

Private Seminars(2021.07.02)

After many requests, we have now started offering private seminars to companies/groups wanting to improve quality control internally, learn about specific products, etc.


ATAGO Craftsmanship『IMPACTs』(2021.05.19)

『IMPACTs』is ATAGO`s new unique line embodying superior metal processing technology. They are original, everyday items designed by ATAGO for life enrichment.


ATAGO was rated top grade 『aaa』(2021.04.06)

We have been rated top grade " aaa " on the Japan SME Rating presented by S&P for the 10 consecutive years.

Completion of sapphire factory(2021.04.01)

The sapphire factory was successfully completed.

16 new employees have joined the company(2021.04.01)

On April 1, 2021, 16 new employees joined the head office and factory.

Slected by the Tokyo Tryout Order Program 2021(2021.02.01)

PAL™-COVID-19was selected by the Tokyo Tryout Order Program 2021, 2nd Emergency Measures for Corona virus infection.

第2回新型コロナウイルス感染症緊急対策 東京都トライアル発注認定制度

Certified as a gift for hometown tax payment.(2021.02.01)

Fukaya City limited design Refractometer and ATAGO goods made by ATAGO machining technology have been certified.

gift for hometown tax payment

PAL-BX/ACID 1 was introduced in Taiwan TV news(2021.01.11)

Taiwan agricultural laboratory uses our PAL-BX/ACID 1to check Brix-Acid Ratio as a important index for delicious citrus fruits.
The best ratio for their citrus fruits is introduced as 15-25.

Introduced in Indian Tamil News(2021.01.05)

PAL-Butryo is widely used by the FDA Food and Drug Administration in India to check to see if milk is not adulterated.

DOM-24 was introduced in Indian newspaper(2021.01.05)

Indian newspaper reports that a food inspector in Himachal Pradesh province is visiting local restaurants for checking the quality of frying oil.

Fukaya factory tour(2020.11.30)

Hanazono Elementary School 3rd grade students visited our factory.

"Nikkei Business"(2020.11.20)

ATAGO was introduced in the column Front Runner Creation Site in magazine Nikkei Business dated October 12, 2020.

Awarded a medal of merit by the emperor.(2020.08.05)

Joined in the Shitamachi bobsleigh project(2020.07.31)

The two parts used inShitamachi bobsleigh "front runner carrier" "rear runner carrier" were machined using ATAGO cutting technology.

Shitamachi bobsleigh

Solar panel installation for Fukaya 2nd Factory completed.(2020.07.16)

Selected for 2020 “Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100”! (2020.06.30)

ATAGO was selected as one of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100. This is our 2nd consecutive awards next to 2013 selection.

Notice of reopen the office and factory.(2020.05.27)

Atago has resumed business following the cancellation of the emergency declaration from the Japanese government.

Notice of extension of temporary closure period(2020.05.07)

ATAGO will operate under limited operational capabilities from April 8 thru May 31, 2020 following the state of emergency declared by the Government of Japan. ATAGO serves essential industries such as food and pharmaceutical medicine sectors that are exempt from this order. To meet such demand, ATAGO will continue to make accommodations for calibration and service related demands.

Feel free to order or consult from this form Please contact me.

ATAGO’s SDGs(2020.04.03)

ATAGO was rated top grade 『aaa』(2020.03.27)

We have been rated top grade " aaa " on the Japan SME Rating presented by S&P for the 9 consecutive years.

ATAGO’s Response to Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19)(2020.03.18)

In an effort to keep our ATAGO customers informed, we wanted to share some of the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers are utmost priorities during this time to prevent and provide a safe environment. Our commitment remains, and we will continue to keep our online store open for your convenience.
Feel free to order or consult from this form Please contact me.

Digital Viscometer VISCO™ is Covered by the Extended Warranty! (2019.11.01)

From November 1, 2019, the warranty period for digital viscometer VISCO™VISCOis extended from 1 year to 2 years when warranty registration is filled out.
Click here for Warranty Registration.

MASTER-M revival(2019.10.28)

In response to customer’s request, we restart to sell handheld refractometerMASTER-M

Automatic CO2 Brix Monitor CooRe receives creative technology awards! (2019.08.05)

ATAGO's CooRereceives "Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2019-Food & Beverage Industry" honoring the most innovative product and technology at "Nutritious Food & Functional Beverage Technology Summit & Expo 2019" by Chinese Food and Beverage Industry Association.

DOM-24 Recognition by Food Safety Authority, India (2019.06.11)

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India) selected Frying Oil Monitor, DOM-24as an innovative product that contributed to food safety in 2019.