New Products

PAL-HIKARi (Asian pear)(2020.12.15)

A new function detecting water core has added to PAL-HIKARi 12.

Temp Controller for VISCO™・VISCO™ B(L)(2020.12.04)

The temperature control by the peltier device realized miniaturization, and the relief from the cumbersome work with the traditional water bath.

PAL-HIKARi (Persimmon)(2020.11.27)

Persimmon scaleis newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

In-line Brix Monitor CM-Base α(A+D)(2020.11.01)

New model CM-Base a (A+D) is newly added to the CM-Base a series.

PAL-HIKARi (Corn)(2020.10.01)

Corn scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.


Mango scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

PAL-HIKARi (Strawberry)(2020.05.01)

Strawberry scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series. We received many requests for this model. Extra effort was placed on making this launch come true. Use PAL-HIKARi (Strawberry)

Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof Inline Concentration Monitor CM-IS α(2020.05.01)

Based on the best-selling inline concentration monitor CM-800α, Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof model equipped with a double scale capability to measure in Brix or refractive index scale is available now.

New PAL-COVID-19 Sanitizer% Checker(2020.04.06)

In response to increasing inquires for ethyl alcohol concentration checker amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, ATAGO will launch a new product, PAL-COVID-19 Sanitizer % Checker on April 17, 2020. Contact us for more information.