Low to High Viscosity Covering Every Samples

Digital Viscometer VISCO
Digital Viscometer VISCO

Digital Viscometer


JP: 1344031, 1553531
TW: D176013
US: US D796,362 S
US D922,221S
EUIPO: 002906149-0001
US D820702S, US D802703S, ZL 2019 3 0711973.X
KR: 30-0917570, 30-0917566, DM/205380
IN: 003665546-0001, 003665546-0002


VISCO™'s 3 "ONE's"


VISCO is very easy to set-up. The spindle can be attached with just "one touch" — simply insert the spindle in the instrument.Absolutely no complicated set-up required.


Measurement preparation can easily be done with just one hand. Place the beaker underneath the pre-set area and place the instrument on the stand. No troublesome height adjustment necessary.


Operation requires only one dial button.All operations can be performed with the simple act of "sliding" or "pushing" the dial button. No more accidental operations due to pushing the wrong button.

【 VISCO™ 】 — 7 Reasons — Why VISCO™ is Chosen

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

The assembly takes 30 seconds. It frees you from the hassle of preparation, cleaning up, and removes hesitation for measurements. Only one button to deal with. From setting up to measurements, you can do it with one hand. The state of the actual assembly is here.

Small Sample Volume

Small Sample Volume

The amount of sample required for measurement is only 15 mL or 100 mL. The time to wash the beaker is greatly reduced, too.

Disposable Containers

Measureable even with a paper cup

VISCO™ can measure using paper cups or plastic cups. It's disposable and does not require you to wash the beakers. It is safe even in the areas where glassware is restricted.

Lab to the Production Site

Lab to the Production Site

ATAGO's viscosity meter VISCO™ is very lightweight and compact with a height of 20 cm and a weight of 895 g. Easy to carry from the lab to the production site.

Battery Powered

Battery Powered

VISCO™ is powered by AC power supplies or batteries. The battery life is about seven hours. Easy measurements, any place and in any situation.


Incredible Cost Performance

Incredible Cost Performance

The price of VISCO™ is less than half the price of a B-type viscometer. ATAGO provides high-value, high-quality products at the right price for customers to experience it first-hand and use it a lot.

Good with Low Viscosity

Good with Low Viscosity

Low viscosity samples can be measured with VISCO™. ATAGO’s VISCO™ has an adapter for low viscosity samples.

Setup Video Guide Setup Video Guide
Reasons for Selecting the VISCO
KamishibaiHTML_Reasons for Selecting the VISCO
PDF_Reasons for Selecting the VISCO
Reasons for Selecting the VISCO
KamishibaiHTML_Reasons for Selecting the VISCO
PDF_Reasons for Selecting the VISCO

【VISCO™ Temp Controller】~Six Points~

The temperature controller is a lightweight, compact and constant temperature device that does not require water circulation.

Because the viscosity is greatly affected by the temperature of the sample, it is very important to control the temperature of the sample when measuring viscosity. In general, a constant temperature water bath takes time to adjust the temperature because it circulates water. In addition, it requires a large space. It also requires preparation and maintenance such as preparing water and drying water properly after use. The VISCO Temp Controller is a lightweight and compact constant temperature device that has been developed to save the time and effort brought about by conventional constant temperature water bath.
VISCO Temp Controller

US:US D922,221S

CN:ZL 2019 3 0711973.X


No water required

No water required

Since the peltier is used to control the temperature, the sample can be constantly warmed without the use of water. The heavy labor is no longer necessary,no longer a need to worry about algae and mold.

Reduced Time Spent

Reduced Time Spent

Because the container where the sample is placed is made of aluminum, the heat from the peltier is transferred to the sample much more efficiently requiring a shorter time.

Lightweight and Compact

Lightweight and Compact

The total weight is about 4 kg and temperature control unit only is merely 2.7 kg. Less than half the weight of a typical constant temperature water bath. The size is just about the size of VISCO™ fitting perfect, without worrying about workspace.

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

It is operated by two buttons. Despite the common notion that “apparatus and devices used for experiments are considered difficult without being a researcher or expert,” it is an easy to use product that anyone can use.

Uncompromised Design

Uncompromised Design

A novel and stylish design that reverses the image of such conventional viscosity measurement, It can offer not only usability, but also an environment where users can comfortably measure viscosity.


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Stress free from loud noise or vibration and environmentally friendly because it does not use refrigerants such as fluorocarbons.

VISCO™ can be used for other applications


Olive oil

Honey and Jam

Liquid Egg

Jelly and agar



Water glass

Resin, Polymer etc.

Insulator etc.








Please feel free to contact us here about other applications.

【 VISCO™ 】 User Testimonials

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

VISCO™ for its portability

Foremost Blue Seal Ltd.

VISCO™ for product development

Tsuru Miso Jyouzou Co., Ltd.

VISCO™ for important maintenance of viscosity

Muginoho Co., Ltd.

VISCO™ for its portability and ease of operation

【 VISCO™ 】Product Information



Light weight model Aluminum body 895g



Stainless body 1200g



VISCO™ PackageE

Includes Temp controller


VISCO™ PackageA

Includes adapter for disposable containers



Includes adapter for low viscosity


Temp Controller VISCO™ Temp Controller Complete

All in one

Compatible for

All Set

For normal viscosity


For normal viscosity

Function and Design

How to use

Calibration compares the true value and the value measured from the instrument. Calibration is an important task to ensure the reliability of the measurement results. Calibration is recommended when the measurement environment has changed drastically or when the measurement results are out of the norm. If you are considering routine calibration, we recommend that you decide the frequency based on the circumstance in which the instrument is used and past measurement results. ATAGO's viscometer VISCO™ provides the following standard solutions:
The standard solutions are available in various viscosity. It is recommended to calibrate with a standard solution that is close to the viscosity of samples being measured.

●VISCO™ standard solution●

Part number Part name Contents
RE-89030 Viscosity Standard Liquid 2 100mL
RE-89031 Viscosity Standard Liquid 5 100mL
RE-89036 Viscosity Standard Liquid 200 100mL
RE-89037 Viscosity Standard Liquid 500 100mL
RE-89038 Viscosity Standard Liquid 1000 100mL
RE-89039 Viscosity Standard Liquid 2000 100mL
RE-89053 Viscosity Standard Liquid 20 500mL
RE-89054 Viscosity Standard Liquid 50 500mL
RE-89055 Viscosity Standard Liquid 100 500mL
RE-89056 Viscosity Standard Liquid 200 500mL
RE-89057 Viscosity Standard Liquid 500 500mL
RE-89058 Viscosity Standard Liquid 1000 500mL
RE-89059 Viscosity Standard Liquid 2000 500mL

●Standard Solution with JCSS●

If you would like a standard solution with JCSS calibration certificate, please click here.

Part number Part name Contents
RE-89010 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS2.5 500mL
RE-89011 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS5 500mL
RE-89012 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS10 500mL
RE-89013 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS20 500mL
RE-89014 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS50 500mL
RE-89015 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS100 500mL
RE-89016 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS200 500mL
RE-89017 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS500 500mL
RE-89018 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS1000 500mL
RE-89019 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS2000 500mL
RE-89020 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS14000 500mL
RE-89021 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS52000 500mL
RE-89022 Viscosity Standard Liquid JS160000 500mL

Feel free to order or consult from this form Please contact me.


Part number Part name
RE-79100 15mL Beaker
RE-79101 100mL Beaker
RE-76059 Plastic Cup Adapter
RE-79104 Plastic Cup(100pcs)
RE-78141 Cup Adapter (100pcs of paper cups are included)
RE-79102 Paper Cup (90mL, 100pcs)

●Ultra Low Adapter●

Part number Part name
RE-77120 Ultra Low Adapter (ULA)
RE-77107 UL spindle (with hook and hook holder)
RE-77121 Sample cylinder (with cap and o-ring)
RE-77117 UUL spindle 3pcs (with hook and hook holder)

●Temperature sensor●

Part number Part name
RE-75540 Temperature sensor


Part number Part name
RE-77104 A1 Spindle
RE-77105 A2 Spindle
RE-77106 A3 Spindle

●Set of spindles●

Part number Part name
RE-77114 A1 Spindle Spindle 5pcs
RE-77115 A2 Spindle Spindle 5pcs
RE-77116 A3 Spindle Spindle 5pcsdle 5pcs
RE-77100 Set of spindles (A1,A2,A3)

※Having multiple spindles can eliminate washing after each used for improved efficiency.

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What is a Viscometer?

Viscosity Types There are different types viscometers that uses various measurement methods.
For example, in the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 8803, viscometers are classified as follow:
• Capillary viscometers        • Falling ball viscometers
• Rotational viscometers     • Vibrational viscometers
There are also other measurement methods such as viscosity cups and Line Spread Tests (LST).
ATAGO's viscosity meter VISCO™ is measured on a principle called rotational viscosity.

Principle of Rotational Viscometer

Principle of Rotational Viscometer Rotational viscometer is one of the most common viscometers used. The structure is simple, easy to use, and the measurement range is wide and can be measured with high accuracy. When a cylindrical spindle is placed in the sample and rotated at a constant speed, the viscosity is determined by measuring the torque (shear stress) acting on the cylindrical surface. There are different types of spindles: coaxial double cylinder, single cylindrical, and cone and plate. The cone plate type can determine the flow characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids by changing the rotational speed.

QI'm considering purchasing, can I try it before I buy it?

AFree trial is available.

QHow do I choose right spindle and speed?

AStandard VISCO™ comes with three types of spindles. Please contact our sales department for the selection criteria. Guidelines for each type of beaker size, speed, and spindle are also available in the instruction manual. Note that the torque should be between 10 and 100% because load less than 10% will not have enough load on the spring.

QWhen the speed or the beaker size is changed, a different viscosity is measured. Is it measuring correctly?

AWhen the rotational speed and the beaker size change, the viscosity also changes. This is because viscosity is affected by measurement conditions. When measuring a sample, make the measurement conditions consistent.

QCan VISCO™ be calibrated?

AVISCO™ can be calibrated using a standard solution. For the value of the standard solution, please refer to the measured value in the instruction manual.

QIs there a correlation with the B-type viscometer?

ASome samples do and others don't have correlation. Check to see the correlation with the free trial unit. If there is correlation, you can use the user scale feature to set the same value to be displayed.

QCan I adjust the temperature?

ATemp controller can be used. When using a waterbath, be careful not let the water in the sample. Also, if you are measuring a high temperature sample, set the wait time and create a temperature compensation table for the measurement sample. For more information, please contact our sales department.

QIs it possible to output data?

AData can be output using the AUSB-Mini-B cable.

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