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8 Features Why PAL-BX|ACID Meters are Chosen

Hybrid Measurement Device

Hybrid Measurement Device

With PAL-BX|ACID, the integral parameters of fruit, sugar (Brix) and acidity can be measured with one device. It measures sugar level (Brix) through a refractometry method using light refraction. Also, it measures acidity level through electroconductivity method using electrical current.

Sugar (Brix) x Acidity Balance

Sugar (Brix) x Acidity Balance

Besides sugar level or sweetness, the acidity or tartness is another important element that influences the taste of fruit. By simply pressing a button, it promptly displays the indispensable sugar acid ratio of fruit and vegetables.

Simple Measurement Procedures

Simple Measurement Procedures

To measure acidity, dilute sample with water, place it on the sample stage and press the START button. Anyone can easily take these measurements.

No Reagent Required

Conventional acid level measurement such as the acid-base titration method requires large amounts of costly reagent and tedious disposal procedures. ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters require absolutely no reagent at all!

Easy to Read Measurement Values

The acid-base titration method derives the acid content as phenolphthalein changes color when the solution is alkalized, but it is difficult to determine the equivalence point. With ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters, anyone can easily see the results with a digital readout.

Transportable and Easy to Carry

Transportable and compact size. It is lightweight and can be easily carried by anyone.

Glassware is Unnecessary

We have heard customers tell us how they broke the glassware required for the titration method. Have peace of mind and be worry free of damage with ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters.

Kits & Accessories

Master Kit that includes everything you need is available.
Unit + included accessories
Digital Scale … 1 pc
100mL Beaker (PMP) … 1pc
1mL Measuring Spoon … 1pc

Function and Design

sugar/acid ratio
Measuring Tips
Measuring Tips
Unit + included accessories

Unit + included accessories

Digital Scale … 1 pc

100mL Beaker (PMP) … 1pc

1mL Measuring Spoon … 1pc

※Beakers and measuring spoons are not made of glass.

Reference solution (0.04% Citric acid solution) RE-130004

RE-130004 $10.00 USD
For PAL™-BX|ACID series.
* The expiration date is 3 month after shipment date.
Model RE-130004
Contents Approx.10ml

Reference solution (0.04% Citric acid solution) RE-130004


QWhen should Brix-Acidity Meters be used??

AIt is ideal to use the Brix-Acidity when you want to measure both Brix and acidity.
Please contact ATAGO, if your sample or fruit type is not listed.

QWhat are units of measurement for acidity?

AThe units of measurement can vary depending on the country it is used. In Japan, g/100mL is the typical unit. It is typically converted to a percentage.

QAre there any particular sample preparations or precautions?

ADepending on your sample, preparation methods may vary. Please refer to the following. When measuring acidity with ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters, samples need to be diluted. For any questions, please contact ATAGO.

【PAL-BX|ACID】User Testimonials

Louisiana State University


Kuroki Hebesu Farm
(Hebesu and Hyuganatsu)


Brooklyn Kura

PAL-BX|ACID121 (Sake)

Airfield Estates Winery

PAL-BX|ACID2 (Grapes)

Winery DE BERNARDI (Patagonia, Argentina)

(Grapes), PAL-Pâtissier

Riveridge Packing, LLC

for measurement of their fruits


For Superior Quality Pears

Miyazaki Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station Subtropical Crop

PAL-BX|ACID1 for checking the brix and acidty of fruits

Sumifru Corporation

PAL-BX|ACID9 for quality control of fruit and vegetables

How to measure

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