Ethyl alcohol Refractometer PAL-COVID-19
Ethyl alcohol Refractometer PAL-COVID-19
About the COVID-19 How to deal with it?
About the COVID-19 How to deal with it?
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It has been reported that rubbing alcohol (70%) is effective for disinfecting skin such as hands *. However, it is said that there is no effect unless it exceeds 70%. In addition, too high alcohol concentration may cause rough skin, so it is important to use at an appropriate concentration.

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*The standard of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is 60% or more. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends 70% or more. Also, CDC recommends 70% or more for disinfecting the surface of objects.

COVID-19 Disinfection series

Low Alcohol concentration is ineffective. High Alcohol causes rough skin

How can we prove the
70% ethanol concentration

Measurement method using PAL-COVID-19

To measure, you first need to dilute your sample using the included spoon and beaker. Place 1 spoon of your rubbing ethanol and 1 spoon of water in the beaker and stir well.

Place 0.3 ml on the measuring part

Press the start button ...

Displays concentration in just 3 seconds

Regarding ethanol concentrationQ&A

Regarding ethanol concentration


Due to the influence of the COVID-19, along with the "mask" "Disinfection alcohol" "Disinfection ethanol" disappeared from the store.
But don't panic!

Due to the effects of the COVID-19, there are no disinfectant and disinfection ethanol. what should I do?

The disinfection ethanol can be handmade.

How to make disinfection ethanol?

Handmade disinfection ethanol can be made with absolute ethanol and purified water (water).

Please tell me how to make it in detail

Disinfection ethanol is completed by adding about 20% of purified water to absolute ethanol.

For example, make about 100 ml of
disinfection ethanol

Add 80 ml of absolute ethanol.
Add 20 ml of purified water and mix.

If you have a PAL-COVID-19, you can check the concentration of the diluted liquid, so it is also possible to dilute it in a proportion.

※If you do not have purified water, you can substitute water (tap water or mineral water).

What is the difference between absolute ethanol, ethanol, and disinfecting ethanol?

The concentration of ethanol contained in each is different.

  • ・Absolute Ethanol・・・・・・Ethanol 99.5vol% or more
  • ・Ethanol・・・・・・・・・・・Ethanol 95.1~96.9vol%
  • ・Disinfecting Ethanol・・・・・Ethanol 76.9~81.4vol%

Disinfecting ethanol is used for disinfection, because the disinfecting effect is best when the ethanol concentration is around 80%.

Where can I buy absolute ethanol or purified water?

You can buy at a drug store.

Ethyl alcohol Refractometer PAL-COVID-19

PAL-Hypochlorous acid

PAL-Peracetic acid


PAL-pH Cat.No.4311

Unbreakable, Hygienic, Full-flat Electrode

Range pH0.00~14.00
Resolution pH0.01
Accuracy pH±0.10
Calibration Calibration at 3 points at 4.01, 6.86, 9.18.
Temperature compensation 10~40℃
Sample Volume 0.6mL
Power Supply Size AAA alkaline battery × 2