New Products

pH meter for fruit and jam(2023.12.15)

PAL-Fruit & Jam (pH) is specialized in measuring fruits, jams, plums, etc.
PAL-Fruit & Jam (pH) has improved its durability against acidic sample to be used for a longer period of time.

Plastic cup adapter for viscometer(2023.11.21)

"Plastic cup adapter" for digital viscometer VISCO is now available. Measurements can be taken using disposable plastic cups. No need to wash the beaker or worry about the glass breaking!


We have respond to the request, CM-TANKα-EG (FER) is now available! CM-TANKα-EG (FER) is installed directly to a tank by ferrule and constantly measures of the concentration inside the tank.


We have respond to the request from customers using the Pocket Soy milk Refractometer PAL-27S.
Soy milk scale is now available in the CM-800α series which can achieve automation easily!

IR Brix Meter × Brix Meter (Watermelon)(2023.08.21)

A bundle set of "PAL-HIKARi" non-destructive Brix IR meter and "PAL-0" which measures Brix of squeezed fruits for watermelon is now available.

IR Brix Meter × Brix Meter (melon)(2023.8.8)

A bundle set of "PAL-HIKARi" non-destructive Brix IR meter and "PAL-0" which measures Brix of squeezed fruits for melon is now available.

PAL-HIKARi Watermelon  Purchase here(2023.07.28)

At last the long being waited instrument will launch! PAL-HIKARi series for watermelon has launched on July 28th.

Soymilk Meister Set(2023.06.23)

This special set does not only measure the solid content of soybean, but also measures the hardness and softness of tofu, as well as pH measurement which is required for microorganism test!
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In-line Refractometer PRM-DX(2023.04.19)

The in-line refractometer PRM series, which has contributed to safety and security for over 30 years, has released the DX series, which has succeeded in reducing weight while maintaining the same performance!
Aiming for the ultimate in simplification by cutting off waste. The sophisticated and compact silver housing contributes to the SDGs by saving resources.

PAL-HIKARi (melon)(2023.04.07)

Melon scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

CM-BASEβ Renewal!(2023.04.07)

The design of the CM-BASEβ, which continuously measures the concentration by hooking it on an oil pan or pan, has been completely redesigned.Three types of pattern lengths can be selected, and offset and alarm functions are installed as new functions. Fully automated with ease.

PAL-BX|ACID(Passion fruit)(2023.03.06)

Due to high demand, we have released Pocket Brix-Acidity Meter for passion fruit.
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New Ramen Meister Set(2023.01.27)

"New Ramen Meister Set" is now available!! A useful salt meter and pH meter set has launched.

Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof Inline Concentration Monitor CM-ISα(2023.01.11)

2 new special scales are added to the explosion-proof model CM-ISα series.
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