Pocket IR Brix Meter    PAL-HIKARi 30 (Melon)


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Melon can be measured with one insturment

The Brix (sugar level) can be measured by placing the fruit on the sample stage with no need of cutting or squeezing.
It requires no more cumbersome wiping and cleansing after each measurement.

Product information

Model PAL-HIKARi 30
Cat.No. 5480
Measurement item 10-20mm from surface Brix %
CoreBrix %
Measurement fruit Melon
Range 10-20mm from surface Brix %:7.0~16.0%
CoreBrix %:7.0~21.0%
Accuracy 10-20mm from surface Brix %:±2.0%

*Melon varieties and measurement environment may affect accuracy.

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