New Products


New CM-BASEα-MAX has been added to the CM-BASEα inline refractometer series! CM-BASEα-MAX has a measurement range of 0.0 to 93.0% Brix, and can measure at a higher accuracy of ± 0.2% Brix.

PAL-HIKARi (Blueberry)(2021.08.12)

By popular demand, the blueberry model is finally available from the PAL-HIKARi series! Blueberry scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.

Foods Test Kit MJ (2021.07.21)

In response to growing awareness of health and food safety, a new easy-to-use kit has been released for both third party and in-house quality control!

SAC Temp Controller(2021.07.16)

A new constant temperature controller has been released for SAC-i ! It is user-friendly and space-saving since it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is perfect for existing ATAGO polarimeter users who are looking to upgrade to temperature control without a water bath.

Renewal! PAL-Fish Fillets(2021.07.08)

Dried fish Salt-meter PAL-FM1 has been renewed and released as a new version, PAL-Fish Fillets - ideal for measuring both dried fish and raw fillets!

PAL-Coral Reef Fish(2021.06.30)

Saltwater Hydrometer PAL-Coral Reef Fish is now available. With a titanium electrode, it is the only one like it in the world. It is designed to be used for a long time with minimal wear!

ATAGO Craftsmanship『IMPACTs』(2021.05.19)

『IMPACTs』is ATAGO`s new unique line embodying superior metal processing technology. They are original, everyday items designed by ATAGO for life enrichment.

■The press release:

Inline Concentration Meter CM-BASEα-Plus Design Renewal(2021.05.07)

During the world push for factory automation during coronavirus, we renewed our design to support high temperatures even at food manufacturing sites, stayed at a price range that is attainable for both small and medium sized food companies, while aiming to be an icon of quality control for manufacturing.

PAL-HIKARi (Kiwi)(2021.04.09)

Kiwi scale is newly added to thePAL-HIKARi series.

In-line Monitor CM-Base α for Chemical

Chemical model is now available in the CM-Base a series.

Potassium hydroxide Refractometer PAL-121S(2021.03.08)

Potassium hydroxide Refractometer PAL-121Ss now available in the PAL series.

PAL-HIKARi (Tomatoes)(2021.03.03)

Tomato scale is newly added to the PAL-HIKARi series.


This model is based on PAL-10S which is famous in the world sport games as a screening kit for doping test. PAL-ATHLETE is an ideal tool for conditioning such as dehydration.


A hybrid product of Brix meter and salt meter was launched.
This product is not only a hybrid of Brix and salt, but also an epoch-making product equipped with an algorithm that saves the trouble of dilution when measuring salt.