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Renewal! New release of PAL-Fish Fillets

PAL-FM1 has been renewed and released as a new version, PAL-Fish Fillets - ideal for measuring both dried fish and raw fillets! It is now possible to measure closer to titration values and more precisely with a minimum error of 0.0%*! In addition, by expanding the temperature compensation range to 5 - 40 ゚C, which is more in line with actual environmental site temperatures, measurements have become more stable. Insert the probe into the fillet and in just 3 seconds receive a value that is close to titration. For dried fish, it is recommended to measure in the abdomen area. PAL-Fish Fillets frees the user from the hassle and trouble of past methods!
* According to research. Results depend on the type and position of dried fish and raw fillets being measured.

Product information

Model PAL-Fish Fillets
Cat.No. 4225
Scale Fish Salinity %
Temperature ゚C
Range 0.0 to 10.0%
0.0 to 100 ゚C
Resolution 0.1%
0.1 ゚C
Accuracy Fish salinity% :
Absolute Precision ±0.1%(0.0 to 3.9%)
Relative Precision ±5%(4.0 to 10.0%)
* In the case of saline solution

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