Frying Oil Monitor    DOM-24 X3


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New color appearance! A red model "DOM-24 X3" has been developed as a new color variation for the oil oxidation meter DOM-24 series! The red color internal circuit board that can be seen from the clear housing makes the electronic parts more vivid and emphasizes the beauty of the molding.

This instrument is capable of measuring both TPM (Total Polar Materials), a standard used in Europe as an indicator of the overall quality of frying oil, as well as AV (Acid Value), which indicates changes in cooking oil properties.

Product information

Model DOM-24 X3
Cat.No. 9347
Range Total Polar Materials (TPM) : 0.5 to 40.0%
Acid Value (AV) : 0.00 to 9.99
Temperature : 0 to 225℃ / 32 to 437°F
Resolution Total Polar Materials (TPM) : 0.5%
Acid Value (AV) : 0.01
Temperature : 1℃ / 1°F
Accuracy Total Polar Materials (TPM) : ±2.0% (20 to 200℃ / 68 to 392°F)
Acid Value (AV) : ±0.2
Temperature : ±1℃ / ±2°F

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