Urine S. G. Refractometer    MASTER-URC/Nα


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The MASTER-URC/Nα is designed to quickly and easily measure Urine Specific Gravity with just a single drop of sample. The new plastic body design is resistant against corrosion from salty and acidic samples, and incorporates an improved optics system for higher contrast and better clarity. Simple to use, lightweight, and portable! It is featuring a water resistant design and Automatic Temperature Compensation.

Product information

Cat.No. 2791
Range Urine S.G. scale : 1.000 to 1.050
Refractive index scale (nD) : 1.333 to 1.356
Accuracy Urine S.G. scale : ± 0.001
Refractive index scale (nD) : ± 0.0005

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