Hand Held Refractometer    MASTER-10Pα


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Calibration certificate, inspection report, Traceability (certification and system diagram)

Due to many requests, we are bringing back the MASTER-10 series!

MASTER-10 series is suitable for particularly low concentrations of Brix 10% or less, such as tomato juice, vegetables, soups, cleaning solutions and cutting oil. The temperature correction function allows accurate measurement without worrying about sample temperature. It also has a water protection function, so you can safely use it on site. MASTER-10α is made of metal and MASTER-10Pα is made of resin. For samples containing salt and acid, please choose a resin model.

Product information

Model MASTER-10Pα
Cat.No. 2981
Range Brix : 0.0 to 10.0%
Accuracy ±0.2%

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