Process Refractometer    PRM-TANKα(FLN)


14,300.00 USD

The PRM-TANKα(FLN) Process Refractometer features a new design of the detection unit, which is to be mounted on the wall of a vessel. It is ideal for a variety of vessel types, such as distillers, condensers, blenders, fermenters, extractors, and filtration tanks. The flat sample stage prevents sample buildups, keeping the prism clean over an extended period of time.

Product information

Cat.No. 3575
Measurement item Refractive Index (nD)
Brix,concentration, temperature
Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.31700 to 1.51000
Brix : 0.00 to 85.00%
Resolution Refractive index (nD):0.0001 or 0.00001
Brix : 0.1 or 0.01%
Accuracy Refractive index (nD) : ±0.0001
Brix : ±0.1%

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