Salt-meter    PAL-SALT PROBE


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Calibration certificate, inspection report, Traceability (certification and system diagram)

The PAL-SALT PROBE features convenient operation of submerging the probe in a liquid for measuring the salt content in as fast as 3 seconds. The probe may be inserted directly into semi-solid food. However,measurements at different locations may be inconsistent,and such direct measurements may vary from measurements by dilution methods.
・Electrode pins have extended from 5mm to 10mm for easier measurement.
・Screen now features a backlight for an easier to read

Product information

Cat.No. 4222
Scale Salt concentration (g/100g)
Range 0.00 to 7.0%
Resolution 0.01% (0.00 to 1.99%)
0.1% (2.0 to 7.0%)
Accuracy ± 0.1% (0.00 to 1.99%)
Relative precision : ± 5% (2.1 to 5.0%)
Relative precision : ± 10% (5.1 to 7.0%)

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