IR Brix Meter × Brix Meter    PAL-HIKARi 7+PAL-0 (Blueberry)


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Two-piece IR Brix meter and Brix meter bundle

Now available as a bundle set of "PAL-HIKARi" non-destructive Brix meter that can measure Brix of fruits and "PAL-0" which measures Brix of squeezed fruits juice. The following specification is for "PAL-0" .

Product information

Model PAL-HIKARi 7+PAL-0
Cat.No. 5557
Range Brix 4 to 21%
Accuracy ±1.5%
Set Contents 1:IR Brix meter PAL-HIKARi 7(Blueberry)

*PAL-0 is only available for IR Brix Meter × Brix Meter. It cannot be purchased separately.

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