In-line Wine Monitor    CM-800α-Wine(Baume)


5,250.00 USD

Based on the sugar content standard of wine grapes, I do not use the PAL series on the world balcony, but this time, I commented for many years from the fermentation of wine mast, and it is possible to manage the entry on the vintage, Mon CM-800alpha Wine technique is now available.

Product information

Model CM-800α-Wine(Baume)
Cat.No. 3517
Range Baume : 0.0~21.0°
Temperature : -15~160℃ / 5~320゚F
Resolution Baume : 0.1°
Temperature : 1℃ / 1゚F
Accuracy Baume : ±0.2°
Temperature : ±1℃/±1゚F

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