In-line Refractometers PRM-2000α DX


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Achieving the ultimate simplification by cutting off waste

The DX series has succeeded in reducing the weight while maintaining the performance of the PRM-2000α. The sophisticated and compact silver housing contributes to the SDGs by saving resources.PRM-2000α DX is a model that can measure Brix in the range of 0 to 20% with a high accuracy of ±0.050%. It can be used for precise measurement for low-concentration samples such as Brix% measurement of fruit juice, soft drinks, and cleaning solutions.

Product information

Model PRM-2000α DX
Cat.No. 3686
Measurement item Refractive index,Brix(sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup,sugar-free), concentration(%) ,Temperature
Range Refractive Index nD 1.32069 to 1.36500
Brix 0.000 to 20.000%
Resolution nD 0.00001
Brix 0.001%
Accuracy nD ±0.00001 (1.32069 to 1.33681)
nD ±0.00010 (from 1.33682 up)

Brix ±0.007% (0.000 to 2.000%)

Brix ±0.050% (from 2.001% up)

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