Ethylene Glycol Refractometer    PAL-91S


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Calibration certificate, inspection report, Traceability (certification and system diagram)

PAL-91S, easily measure the coolant in brine and other agents of Ethylene Glycol.Antifreezing solution (coolant) whose main ingredient is ethylene glycol is widely used as mixed in cooling water of car's radiator, as cooling medium for central air - conditioning system, freezer / refrigerator, cooling coil, cooling fixture etc. The higher the concentration is, the lower the temperature at which ethylene glycol is frozen is. Therefore, it is needed to adjust freezing temperature of antifreezing solution so that it dose not freeze under a specific operation temperature.For Prolylene Gycol, please choose PAL-88S.

Product information

Model PAL-91S
Cat.No. 4491
Scale Ethylene glycol
Freezing point of E.G(゚C)
Range E.G:0.0 to 90.0 % (V/V)
Freezing point: 0 to -50゚C
Resolution Ethylene glycol : 0.2 % (V/V)
Freezing point of Ethylene glycol : 1゚C
Temperature : 0.1°C
Accuracy Ethylene glycol: ±0.4 %(V/V)Freezing point: ±1゚C

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