Témoignages des utilisateurs [ Café : Liste ]

Témoignages des utilisateurs [ Café : Liste ]


Renowned New York-style espresso shop


Bear Pond Espresso is in premises that were once the old Otsuki candy store, and retains that vintage feel in a simple whitewashed interior. The coffee that owner-barista Katsuyuki Tanaka brews is truly one of a kind, found nowhere else. Experience Bear Pond’s knock-out blend of the bitter, the acidic and the sweet in one unforgettable cup. And behind this stunningly good coffee is top-class barista Tanaka managing it all, from bean selection to roasting. And supporting his work with readings of the values is PAL-COFFEE.


World-class coffee in Yoyogi


Norway is known throughout the world for coffee brewed to the most exacting standards, and an amazing little café from the capital, Oslo, has made its way to Japan. Fuglen Tokyo is a fusion of high-quality coffee bar, cocktail bar and vintage design furniture store, exuding a truly Norwegian air. Whichever coffee you go for will stand out for its finely tuned balance. The secret: a brewing recipe to draw out those flavors, and PAL-COFFEE-assisted control of body.


Coffee with a freer, lighter touch


Sunshine State Espresso is a coffee specialty shop that opened in Honjo in November 2012. It offers store-roasted specialty coffees: blends and several single-origins. What sets Sunshine State apart is its long black, brewed from store-roasted single-origin beans. Besides its assured quality, this is coffee you want to keep drinking, coffee that has you sit back contented. PAL-COFFEE works together with Sunshine State, settling on the right recipes, providing seminars, and more.


The ultimate espresso, born of good beans, good water, good equipment, good people.


Allpress Espresso is a roaster from New Zealand that provides cafés and restaurants with carefully selected specialty coffee beans. In addition to supplying fresh roasted beans, Allpress provides all-round support for the café industry through barista training, equipment maintenance, menu development and more. In August 2014, the Allpress Espresso Tokyo Roastery and Café is due to open as the company’s Japan base in Tokyo’s Kiba district. Customers will be able to enjoy a “perfect cup” whose just-right body is achieved with the help of PAL-COFFEE.


The flavor of Norway in northern Saitama


The Hoshikawa Café occupies a relaxing, wood-finished space in Kumagaya, Saitama. With only a few seats, the café is nevertheless a popular destination. Customers flock here for the owner’s service, the coffee brewed from coffee beans airfreighted from Norway, and the pancakes baked from locally produced flour. The coffee to order here has to be the single origin brewed in a coffee press. The hot coffee is good, too, but their iced coffee is alluring in summer. There is probably nowhere else in Saitama to enjoy coffee this invigorating and clean-tasting. PAL-COFFEE is put to work in settling on the coffee brewing recipes.

CaféPaul BassettPaul Bassett

A coffee shop with the cred of a champion barista

Paul Bassett

The espresso that won the 2003 World Barista Championship can be enjoyed in Shinjuku and in the Hikarie ShinQs shopping mall in Shibuya. For espresso, choose between single origin and blend, both featuring exquisite balance between mouthfeel, acidity and other elements. The cafés have their own roaster, so you can watch the roasting take place before you. PAL-COFFEE helps ensure that Paul Bassett espresso maintains its uniform world-class brewing.


The New Coffee Classic


Horiguchi Coffee occupies a onetime retail space refurbished in April 2013, and besides its carefully selected in-season coffee beans boasts an impressive line-up of coffee-related equipment. The café space serves a variety of coffees from drip coffee to fancier variations, with a daily changing menu of parfaits and sandwiches. The Setagaya branch offers the added enjoyment of an espresso menu. PAL-COFFEE is used here to consistently recreate those winning flavors.