Measuring pH Level of Cutting Fluid

Q. Why measure pH level of cutting fluid?

The pH level of cutting fluid affects the quality of machined products, and cutting oil’s resistance for degradation. Besides, high levels of concentration may cause skin dermatitis for workers.

Q.What is the proper pH level of cutting fluid?

The recommended pH level of cutting fluid is between pH 8~10. If the pH level is higher or lower than the recommended value, there is a possibility of deterioration and decomposition. Once deterioration and decomposition progress, bacteria grows in the liquid, increasing the possibility of potential corrosion and odor issues. Not only the effect on the capability of cutting oil itself, irregular pH level eventually affects the quality of finished parts, and can also be the cause of skin irritation. In order to prevent these issues, the manufacture should pay enough attention to the pH level of cutting fluid.

Recommended pH level pH 8~10


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What other meters are used for cutting fluid?

Managing Brix% of cutting fluid is also important. The dilution factor for cutting fluid is determined by each cutting fluid manufacture. By maintaining the recommended Brix%, cutting oil can have the best performance. ATAGO’s PAL-102S measures both cutting fluid concentrate and dilutions from 0.0 to 70.0% at an accuracy of ±0.2%. It also has a function to input the dilution factor into the unit, and also has a NFC data transfer function which you can transfer measurement data to your phone/PC.