Measuring pH Level of Meat

Q.Why measure pH level of meat?

pH level has deep relationship with meat quality. Without proper pH management, the quality decreases.


Q.What is the proper pH level of meat?

Meat with pH level 5.5~6.0 has highest quality in color, taste and texture. The normal living muscle has pH level around 7.2. However, the pH level decreases due to the change of glycogen to lactic acid. If storage condition is bad, this pH level will get lower and lower. Once it becomes lower than pH 5.3, unfavorable change will be caused to meat, such as pale color, soft texture, and exudative condition (PSE meat).
On the other hand, meat with pH level above 6.0 will have dark, firm and dry condition (DFD meat). This is all related with the ability of meat to retain water, or WHC (Water Holding Capacity). Meat with normal color and WHC reaches ultimate pH level of 5.6-5.7 after several hours of slaughter. In contrast, PSE meat and DFD meat are caused by rapid decrease in pH, or delay in pH change. In both cases, pH management is an essential procedure in maintaining meat at high quality.


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