Measurring pH Level of Soy Milk

Q.Why measure pH level of soy milk?

The pH level of soy milk is closely related to its tendency of decomposition.


Q.What is the proper pH level of soy milk?

Soy milk has a high level of nutrition, which is an advantage for us. However, because of its highly nutritious characteristic, there is a high tendency of bacteria growth. The ideal pH level of soy milk is said to be from 6.5~7, which is neutral in the pH scale. When bacteria grow in soy milk, there will be changes in the taste, smell, and condition. If soy milk has a sour smell and taste, or if it has a yogurt-like condition, bacteria are possibly growing. Therefore, checking pH level of soy milk is an useful parameter in checking the safety of soy milk.
On the other hand, the pH level of soy milk can also be a parameter of how much coagulant you put when making tofu products. Many kinds of coagulants such as Nigari (magnesium chloride), calcium chloride etc are currently used. By tracking the pH value, you can find the correct amount of those coagulants to make delicious tofu.


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

With PAL-pH, measurement can be done much easier and quicker!

pH series

Q.What other meters are used for soy milk?

Depending on the solid content%, soy milk is divided into unsweetened soy milk, plain (sweetened) soy milk, and flavored soy milk. ATAGO’s PAL-27S measures soy milk concentration from 0.00~20.00% at an accuracy of ±0.2%. It has NFC function which you can transfer data to your phone/PC.

-Frying Oil Monitor
If you are making fried tofu, you are probably wondering when to exchange the frying oil. ATAGO’s DOM-24 measures both TPM (Total Polar Material) and AV(Acid Value) in one device, and it gives you insight on when to exchange oil.