Measuring pH Level of Bread

Q.Why measure pH of bread?

The pH of bread has an effect on the function of yeast, therefore it is related to the quality of final product.


Q.What is the proper pH level of bread?

The recommended pH level of water for bread is pH 4~6 (mildly acidic), because yeast is activated the most in this range. When it becomes less than the recommended level, yeast doesn’t function well and bread dough doesn’t rise. When it becomes higher, on the contrary, yeast will be activated too much and the bread dough will end up not rising properly. In order to make fluffy bread, it is very important to maintain pH level between pH4~6. In addition to using water with desirable pH level, some other methods like adding citric acid or lactic acid, and removing acids by using demineralizer are used to decrease/increase the pH level.


There are many pH meters in the market. But why is ATAGO PAL-pH so special?

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