Soymilk Meister Set

Soymilk Meister Set $600.00 USD

A must-have for making soymilk and tofu!

A pH meter can quantify the texture of tofu, as well as the concentration of soybean solids and soymilk.Can be measured at a hot temperature, and can be washed under running water after measurement which is hygienic.
Model Soymilk Meister Set
Cat.No. 4071
Range Concentration of Soy Milk : 0.0 to 20.0 %
pH : 0.00 to 14.00
Resolution Concentration of Soy Milk : 0.1 %
pH : 0.01
Accuracy Concentration of Soy Milk : ±0.2 %
pH : ±0.10
Set Contents ・PAL-Soymilk
・PAL-Soymilk(pH) * with JORDAN for PAL(Silicon Cover)
・Standard calibration solution pH4.01, pH6.86, pH9.1

· pH Meter Solution pH4.01 100mL : RE-99221

· pH Meter Solution pH6.86 100mL : RE-99222

· pH Meter Solution pH7.00 100mL : RE-99223

· pH Meter Solution pH9.18 100mL : RE-99224

· pH Meter Solution pH10.01 100mL : RE-99225

Soymilk Meister Set

Soymilk Meister Set