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Hydration is essential
to maintain performance

Water makes up 60% of our body.Atheletes tend to have much higher persentage of water because they have higher amounts of muscle that contain more water, while also having less fat.

It is said that we lose 2.5 liters of water by urination or skin evaporation even through everyday life.Taking in the same amount of water through eating and drinking helps to keep a balance of water and maintain the body.

Although it depends on the individual and their environment, it is said that we lose 1 to 2kg of water due to sweating from exercise, such as training or games. When the rate of weight loss exceeds 2% of the body weight, it causes a decrease in our concentration and skill level, an excessive increase in heart rate and body temperature, and has a great impact on athletic performance.

Conditioning that includes hydration is essential for athletes to perform well.


Ordinary people


Assessment of dehydration using urine

Keeping normal amounts of water is important not only to keep normal body function, but to maintain sports performance.

By the time you feel thirsty, a significant amount of water has already been lost. Before the throat feels dry, rehydrate frequently.The amount of fluid intake needed depends on the environment you're excercising in as well of the intensity of the exercise, so it is important to know the amount that is needed for you.

You can use urine checks to know the amount of water in the body.There are some methods that use urine to know the dehydration level such as urine specific gravity, urinary osmolality, and urine color. However, urinary osmolality is not easy to measure in sports, and urine color is only a visual inspection. It is reccomended to measure the specific gravity of urine with a refractometer that shows the numerical value of dehydration objectively.

Please use a refractometer regularily to measure the specific gravity of your urine to help with hydration recovery after exhaustion from matches and training.

water bottle

A urine specific gravity of 1.026 or higher is a sign of danger.

Standard value 1.009~1.025
High value
(1.026 or higher)
Dehydration etc.
Measurement Range :Urine S.G. : 1.0000 to 1.0600 (ATC),
"Temeprature 10 to 35°C
Resolution :Urine Specific Gravity : 0.0001 Temp: 0.1℃
Measurement Accuracy :Urine Specific Gravity ±0.002、Temp : ±1℃
Power Supply :AAA×2
Output Specifications :NFC Forum Type 4 Tag
ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Output Item:Date Time, Urine S.G., Temp [degC]
(Ex.) 2017/08/17 09:30:45, 1.0273 , 20.4
"International Protection Class :IP65 Water Resistant
Dimension and size :5.5×3.1×10.9cm 100g(main unit only)

ATC =Automatic Temperature Compensation

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