PAL-pH is suitable for pH management of Electrolysed water (Hypochlorous acid water)
Everyone! Don't you have these worries too?
Do we have to manage pH level as well since Electrolyzed water is a very unstable solution?
I have never measured pH level even though I am using Electrolyzed water generator.
I am worried about test paper for pH by judging with just color change. Want something digital.
PAL-pH is suitable for pH management of Electrolysed water (Hypochlorous acid water)

3 points of benefit for ATAGO's PAL-pH

Point Digital display
Point Durable electrode

We have succeeded in developing a durable electrode which can withstand the pressure. It does not require soaking solution either and reduce risk for contamination and injury.

Point Fully flat electrode, which only ATAGO has, keeps a more hygienic environment.

We achieved IP65. It is possible for washing under running water. Full-flat sample stage makes you easy to clean and wipe. Residues influence the measurement value, so PAL-pH can defend the contamination by easy cleaning.

Unbreakable electrode Full-flat electrode

Anyone can use PAL-pH easily

It displays pH level within 3 seconds by measuring a few drops.

Drop a sample Press STAR button Displays the value

Types of Electrolyzed water and standards

Electrolyzed water is approved as food additive.

Effective pH level is determined for each sample to be sterilized.

fig1:Types of Electrolyzed water

Food sterilization data by Hypochlorous Acid water

Examples for on-site usage

fig2:Food sterilization data by Hypochlorous Acid water
food sterilization

Being used for various site

Fruits processing company for supermarket

Electrolyzed water is used for sterilization of pre-cut fruits. The pH level should be pH2.5. The water is also used as hand sanitizer of staffs and equipment, which level is around pH6.

Manufacturer of lunch box

We monitor pH level is as standard for hypochlorous acid water for purchased vegetables.

Electrized water machine

We use PAL-pH for R&D and evaluation. We are also planning to introduce for the customer who purchased our machine for inspection.

Digital Hand-held PAL-pH

Digital Hand-held PAL-pH

Calibration:Calibration at 3 points at 4.01, 6.86, 9.18.
Temperature compensation:10~40℃
Sample Volume:0.6mL
Power Supply:Size AAA alkaline battery × 2

*ATC=Automatic Temperature Compensation

Scheduled to arrive in early October.