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Saito Kensetsu

Saito Kensetsu

“We will make ‘your dream home’ come true” The one and only one special home in the world, everyone dreams of. Architectures and staff from a community based architectural company, Saitou Kensetsu located in Uji and Amagasa of Kumamoto prefecture comes together with their clients to grant their future homeowner’s dream come true.
In addition to residential estates, building and construction, Saito Kensetsu is involved in civil engineering for public enterprises.

To improve the quality control of their construction, they have implemented PAL-Soil.

How is the PAL-Soil used?

The PAL-Soil is used for public work projects, especially when embankment, or fills are constructed and placed. The embankment is a foundation of the asphalt paved roads. To have a strong foundation, embankment needs to have a proper ratio of moisture. PAL-Soil is used to measure this soil moisture.
When the foundation is insufficiently structured, the finished pavement will have inadequate structural strength. A solid foundation is one of the most important criteria to manage.

What was the most common way to monitor this?

The conventional method of the embankment is to manage the process of embankment material being rolled with a compaction roller and ensure it was properly compressed.With this method, whether the soil was rolled and packed adequately or not was never clear without knowing the moisture content.
Traditionally, the moisture content was analyzed as follows.

①The day before the soil compaction, soil sample is collected.

②Collected sample is sent to the soil consulting company for moisture testing.

③In the lab at the soil consulting company, the sample is placed in their oven for 18 to 20 hours.

④The operation is resumed based upon the result of the test done by the soil consulting company.
※The data reported is for the day when the soil was collected;the soil condition may differ on the actual day of work.

This was how it was managed. For this reason, we were in search of an instrument that can measure moisture in real time.

What’s possible with PAL-Soil?

In the past, it was said that the quality is adequate when a compaction density of the road filling is 90% or more (finished thickness sediment 30 cm or less). With real-time measurement of the water content ratio of the embankment, higher quality management can be carried out, making it possible to target 93% or more.

Construction companies have always bid for public construction projects. Recently, it is not only about who bids the least amount, but safety and high-quality services a company can offer is scored and evaluated. We now include soil moisture, which has not been strictly monitored before, as one of the controlled parameters. To meet our goal of higher quality control, we have chosen to implement PAL-Soil.

How is the PAL-Soil working out for you?

Since the moisture content of the embankment can be measured,the site condition can be maintained to the highest quality. The PAL-Soilis easy to use on-site and reveals quick measurement result that is digitally displayed. PAL-Soil(BLT) is even more convenient as the data can be transferred and logged to a computer via its Bluetooth capability.