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QWhat is your feedback on our model which you are using?

AIt matches ISO 22241, and that is what matters. We need high accuracy in the 5th decimal of RI and this model Rx-5000i fulfills that requirement. We are also very happy with the global and domestic references of ATAGO for Urea measurement. Many of our clients are in fact using ATAGO, so that gave us a lot of confidence.

QAre you satisfied with our after sales support?

AThey helped us out with an extra service when badly needed by our auditor, so we are really impressed.

AutomobileCrossChem International SIA


SIA “CrossChem” is the only VDA certified AdBlue® manufacturer in the Baltics States, which has been producing highest purity AdBlue® in Latvia since 2009. “CrossChem” group has proven itself as a world-class manufacturer of products that meet the highest quality standards, covering both local and export markets and exporting products to more than 50 countries around the world.

We aim to help our customers reduce emissions and comply with standards, contributing to a much cleaner environment. AdBlue® is a special reagent used in diesel engine vehicles to convert nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and water vapour which reduce the pollution that is released by the exhaust of the vehicles. AdBlue® is a high purity 32.5% aqueous urea solution.
With several production plants across the globe it is crucial to deliver the best ISO 22241 conforming product to every client. When it comes to ensuring the highest quality of AdBlue® and other products, this is where ATAGO plays a very important role to make it possible.

PAL and CM equipment series come in handy as reliable, precise, robust and long lasting go-to instruments for easy and accurate checks which work well with our quality control system. This helps us to be 100% confident that the AdBlue® that comes out from factory into your tank is pure in quality and safe from potentially harmful additives.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.).

Girts Betmanis / Chemical engineer /


Neo Tech

Portable refractometers we acquire are practical easy cleaning and operation, and most importantly, the result is accurate. Used specifically for measuring ARLA32 comes attend satisfactorily with a low cost including on-site visits.



Refractometer is the Pocket Pal-1.
We use the refractometer to measure the density of the cooling system fluid found in the trucks of our customers are within the MAN specification. When they are not, make the correction with the additives recommended by MAN, again using the refractometer to the conference, as was dilution after correction.
The Refractometer Pocket Pal-1 is very easy to use that we are very pleased with the reliability of the results presented. Readings are easy to take, and is easy to clean. We have nothing negative to say about the Pocket Pal-1.

AutomobileNeo Tech Co., Ltd.

Neo Tech

Neo Tech specializes in metal cutting work and surface treatments for automotive metal parts as well as mold fabrication and high-grade coatings for medical related equipment. When measuring viscosity of the coating materials, flow cup viscometer was used, however, in order to measure with more accuracy, Neo Tech decided to purchase the VISCO™.
At Neo Tech, equipment and condition requirements for coating are determined by each product. For example, coating material for medical equipment is low in viscosity and the way coating is applied is changed according to its viscosity.
At Neo Tech, the manufacturing plant for the medical equipment and the factory for automotive parts are in a different location.
Also,the painting area is separately located which made VISCO's portability to be highly rated by Neo Tech. The VISCO™ was a perfect match to meet the selection criteria of Neo Tech.It expresses viscosity in numerical form, has an easy measurement method, stable measurement accuracy, and on-site portability.

Thank you for your continuing patronage.

Neo Tech web site

AutomobileThe Brazilian Federal Highway Police IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment)

The Brazilian Federal Highway Police IBAMA

In an effort to reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, the Brazilian Federal Highway Police and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment) have joined forces and are investigating whether truckers are falsifying claims of using Arla additive 32 (AdBlue®).(※)

※Arla 32 (AdBlue) is a reagent used in diesel engines to break-down nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and water, thereby mitigating the pollution that is released by the exhaust of the trucks. It is a highly concentrated, aqueous urea solution made by dissolving urea in water that is free of impurities (deionized water).

Using PAL-Urea for the Enforcement of Environmental Pollutant Measures

Recently, throughout the nation, Brazil has begun cracking down on the enforcement of environmental pollutant measures. Businesses and individual truck drivers are urged to use Arla 32 (AdBlue®).

The Brazilian Federal Highway Police and IBAMA have already discovered 30 trucks that were falsifying claims of using Arla 32 (AdBlue®). The truck drivers were charged hefty fines.

The Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-Urea is used to manage and check the concentration of the urea solution (AdBlue®).

The PAL-Urea is being used to take measurements in the investigation. (The amount [concentration] of urea that should be in Arla 32 is 32.5%.)

The PAL-Urea’s compact, easy to carry size makes it immensely convenient, and it is being heavily utilized in investigation procedures.

The PAL-Urea may be a useful tool in helping to preserve the environment.